What the cost on the interior doors depends on?

When planning major repairs, it is necessary to take into account the replacement of interior doors. If the doors in the room are installed twenty years ago, they will no longer be combined with the new modern decoration of rooms, causing some disharmony. For an apartment or house to look stylish, everything should be perfectly combined with each other – flooring, ceilings, walls, furniture and doors. Choosing an interior door is now not at all difficult: the market offers a lot of interesting models in the widest price range. Quite often, similar door designs are strikingly different in price, and not all consumers know why this is happening. In fact, the same at first glance can have a different composition, different processing and, as a result, different quality and reliability. The cost of the doors depends on the material: the better the material, the more expensive the doors are obtained. The most inexpensive materials for door leafs are considered to be chipboard and MDF. They are covered with PVC film or artificial veneer, which makes the doors very attractive in appearance. In more expensive structures, a natural veneer or a better film is used. Well, and the most expensive, and at the same time reliable, are doors from the wood massif. For such models, the most often oak, red tree, beech or maple, as well as expensive glass and designer finish are used. Of course, their cost is very high, but the excellent appearance and durability of this deserve. What the door structure is filled with inside also greatly affects the price of the model. As a rule, cheap doors inside the canvas have pine bars. They are fixed only around the perimeter, the rest of the space is filled with simple jumpers with corrugated cardboard. There are hollow doors, but they do not withstand critics, since their quality is very low. The doors more expensive are filled inside with a set -out array – these are well -dried wooden bars connected under strong pressure. Such doors often serve almost as long as the doors from the array. In many ways, the cost of the doors depends on the manufacturer. Firstly, even the highest quality doors from a little-known manufacturer will cost less than doors of famous brands. We are most popular with our brands of Spanish and Italian companies, which are deservedly considered the best in the world for the manufacture of doors. But this does not mean that domestic doors are worse, many Russian companies produce excellent, high-quality and durable products. In addition, domestic enterprises often use the same technologies as foreign factories, while the cost of doors is not affected by customs duty and transportation. The more in the door of decorative inserts, the more expensive its cost. The most inexpensive doors will be the most inexpensive, because their production does not require large costs. But glass inserts significantly change the price, as they need special processing, in addition, the glass themselves are very different in cost. The thicker the glass and the more complicated decor, the higher the price of the entire structure will be. In addition to these factors, accessories have a great influence on the final cost of doors. Its sets can be either cheap – about two hundred rubles, or quite expensive – more than two thousand rubles. Sometimes the installation of an expensive door handle can raise the cost of the door by thirty percent. And, of course, the price is affected by the finishing of the door structure – tinting, priming, varnishing or other materials. The more difficult and expensive the surface surface treatment, the higher the price on it.

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