When renting a room, we care about its quality and convenience

Long gone are the days when an unpretentious tenant moved into any room, guided by the principle “there would be walls and a roof”. Today, the owner of the property understands that high-quality renovation of the premises is not only a plus for the image, but also a direct economic feasibility. However, in order for the funds invested in repairs or redevelopment not to be thrown to the wind, several important factors must be taken into account.

I was going to rent out the premises – find out the intentions of the tenant

Real estate market experts say that repairs seriously increase the liquidity of the premises. The growth in the cost per square meter of the area of ​​objects for which long-term lease of warehouse space is provided is from ten to fifteen percent. In this case, it is necessary to calculate all the cost of repairs in advance in order to quickly recoup invested funds.

If you are preparing a room for rent as an office, then a good repair increases its liquidity by thirty percent. Elite renovation of apartments raises this figure to fifty percent.

The most important indicator to consider when renting out a property is its estimated term. If it is unknown to you or is less than one year, the serious costs invested in repairs will not be justified. If the tenant is satisfied with the long-term lease of warehouse premises, then it is necessary to carry out the whole range of works that increase their functionality and convenience for warehouse operations.

The tenant, first of all, is interested in the condition of the premises. If for apartments it is a matter of comfort and convenience, then for business, the time factor is added to the first two requirements. The businessman cannot, and he should not, instilling in the room, spend his precious days and weeks to conduct all repair operations. He is willing to pay more, but get a ready-to-work premises.

Practice shows that owners who have business and luxury real estate rarely rent out the premises themselves. They use the trust management service and entrust the execution of all work related to the lease to the real estate agency. It is also convenient for tenants. All issues of current repairs and utility bills are handled by the agency.

This challenging but attractive long-term warehouse lease

The dream of any landlord is the longest possible lease term for his property. This is especially true for warehouses, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich is measured in tens of thousands of square meters. In this case, finding a serious tenant is not easy, and renting to many small firms creates new problems and the need to adapt to the needs of each of them.

Therefore, large logistics and expeditionary companies, building their own bases, offer tenants very favorable conditions: the construction of warehouse premises of the desired area in the shortest possible time and according to the project chosen by the tenant. The company-lessor solves two problems at once: it builds a modern powerful warehouse terminal and ensures a quick return on capital investments through rent.

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