Where cheaper and better: on the ground floor or on the last?

Often the location of the apartment plays a decisive role in making a decision on its purchase. Often, the announcements of the purchase or exchange of housing indicate: “Not the first and not the last floor”, despite the fact that the first floors in standard houses are 10-15% cheaper than central, and the latter-by 5-7%.

What this difference is made of and what are the pros and cons of extreme floors?

one. Let’s start with the shortcomings. So, in the years 60-80, the last floors were unpopular due to the flowing roofs, the absence of elevators, both ordinary and cargo, and if they exist, constant breakdowns. In addition, there were interruptions with water supply on the upper floors.

2. Another drawback. The first floors were equipped with gratings on the windows, and, as a rule, there were no balconies and loggias on them. There was also a certain feeling of insecurity, because the thief is much easier to climb through the window into the apartment on the ground floor. I must say that even today in old houses on the ground floor you have to put lattices on the windows.

3. However, in modern houses, much has changed. So, the price of apartments on the last floors can be significantly higher than for central and first floors. This depends on the type and on the possibility of building an attic or its presence.

four. Nowadays, the first floor is given to commerce, so the living first floor is higher, being, in fact, the second. The first floor is preferable if young children or older people live with you. In addition, if you have a leak, then you will not flood anyone.

So, over time, the attitude to the first and last floors has radically changed. It is worth noting that many construction companies use the advantages of floors to increase the cost of housing. What should be remembered if you need to pay extra for the number of storeys?

one. Everyone wants to have a gorgeous view from the window, but do not get a recklessly apartment with a view of the Gulf of Finland, if there is still some kind of, at least more or less built-up territory before this house. It is very highly likely that in a couple of years of your stay in a new place, another construction company will build its building opposite yours and you will admire not a bay, but with a brick wall of another house and wave the neighbors of this house with scarves from the balcony in the morning .

2. Wait for the unexpected. Imagine that you took an apartment on one of the last floors of the building, per height, remoteness from gasped land, desire to look at the horizon or other motives. You even decided that on the side where your windows lead, no one will erect any houses, because nowhere. You seem to have thought out everything before giving money for this luxury, but here is a catch. Example, St. Petersburg, Savushkina Street, house next to Viaduk. It would seem that the windows on the bay and complete grace without options to block the view of the bay, but the idyll was violated by the construction of the interchange. Now those who bought a view of the bay are looking at the highway.

3. An unscrupulous real estate agent can overtake the price to the top floor of the old house with an application for the fact that this is the center. Do not succumb either. It is likely that at night you will hear pigeons, trampling the roof, youth walking on the roof, and somewhere else to put saucepan from due to the flowing ceiling.

Portal Project Rodny wishes you a successful acquisition of your real estate. We advise you to pay attention not to the floor, but to pieces of the sky that are visible in your windows. Let your apartment be in the very corner of the house, even on the ground floor, but if the window goes to the side from where you can see the sky (and a lot) is the most pleasant.

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