Why do licenses need licenses when taking scrap metal

If you reflect with the standards of a simple layman, then the intake of scrap metal should be carried out only at the points of its workpiece and reception. In this case, for most Russian citizens, this is quite a natural phenomenon, t. to. It is there that they pass the collected raw materials.

Such enterprises that are engaged in its purchase, without fail, need a license to receive scrap metal. If the metal persons are engaged in the delivery of metal, but the organizations that sell it, then part of the metal -preparatory companies are receiving metal on the territory of the seller. For what reason it happens?

It should be borne in mind that as a scrap metal, industrial enterprises in most cases offer to surrender metal waste that formed in the process of their production activities. In such cases, there are various equipment in the form of old machines or metal structures as scrap of ferrous metals, which must first be dismantled before sale. If such a problem exists, then scrap buyers can carry out a metal reception procedure directly on the spot on their own and means.

Another problem that can be difficult to solve to the seller of metal is its export to the procurement company. Not all Chermet-seller enterprises have a suitable fleet for this. In such a situation, of course, you can hire specialized vehicles, but this will be a more expensive event than if you initially agree on the provision of such a service due to transport of a plumber -preparatory company.

A company that has a license to buy scrap metal will provide without any problems for its export from the territory of the supplier, both its own and adapted vehicles and qualified labor, capable of quickly carrying out the necessary dismantling of equipment, its loading and delivery. At the same time, the appraiser from the manufacturer of the metal, in the presence of the seller’s representative, will classify scrap metal, find out the need for additional work (sometimes it is required to be cut off of oversized scrap) and may first evaluate the cost of scrap metal.

In this case, the circumstances can also be considered convenient in this case that a preliminary agreement on the performance of a large volume of loading and unloading at night can be reached between the seller and the buyer of the scrap one, which will not bring down the enterprise from normal production, which Chermet Summarizes. Naturally, the cost of the services rendered will be deducted from the total cost of the sold scrap metal.

As for the payment itself for the sold metal, most of the substantial metal companies make it purchase, both for cash and non -cash calculation.

These conditions of metal reception concern not only legal entities, but also individuals. But the latter, first of all, must be borne in mind that some companies entitled to receive, process and subsequent sale of metal at the expense of firms providing services for obtaining licenses of a similar sample offer the minimum purchase of at least a ton.

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