Why is the rental of an autocrane an economically correct decision?

Modern construction could not be carried out on such a scale without special equipment, surpassing human efforts hundreds of times. Any construction company should have in its arsenal all the necessary special equipment for the successful execution of orders. The purchase of such equipment, among which automobile construction cranes are especially popular, can only be beneficial for really large companies that never stop construction work at various sites. In other cases, the most logical solution will be a car crane for rent. This will make it possible to use autocrains in loading and installation work without unnecessary costs.

Why is it better to rent a car crane than buy it?

Automobile cranes are a heavy equipment that is designed to raise and move large cargo, as well as other works of similar specifics, which may be required in many other areas, in addition to building. They differ in carrying capacity, size and maneuverability, arrow height, etc. D. The price of an auto crane with an average carrying capacity and a departure of an arrow can be from 5 million. rubles – very significant money for a small construction company. The costs of its maintenance and maintenance should be added to the price of the auto crane, as well as the salary to a specialist who could manage them.

Many companies offering a truck crane rental service help to reduce these cosmic amounts tenfold. Approximate calculations indicate that the costs of renting an auto crane are several tens of thousands of rubles – that is, hundreds of times less than had to spend a unit of such special equipment on the purchase.

What does it give?

The economic benefits of renting an autocrane are obvious:

For a fair fee, your company receives a modern construction equipment that will facilitate any work with lifting and transporting goods;

After all the tasks for which the car crac was completed, the owner shares it to the parking lot, taking on the maintenance of this equipment and payments to its driver – these expenses are already included in the rental price. If you decide to purchase a truck crane only on your own disposal, all these small problems will fall on your shoulders;

even considering the fact that buying your own truck crane and then renting it out compensates for its costs over time (provided that the rental is regular), this is still a less profitable solution for a company that does not always need a truck crane. From the point of view of economy, the most optimal option is the crane arena in St. Petersburg or another city that will help reduce costs by receiving all the necessary construction equipment at its disposal.

When can you need a car crane rental?

A car crane is an arrow -type construction equipment that is mounted on freight vehicles. It can have different indicators of the carrying capacity and height of the arrival of arrows. Compared to other types of self -propelled cranes, the car version is most maneuveraged and easy to use. Depending on its size, it is able to carry out the transfer of cargo even in unsuitable conditions.

Autocrans rental services may be needed not only for construction purposes. Such equipment is required during installation or loading and unloading operations in which bulky goods are used, as well as if it is necessary to place them at a certain height.

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