Bathroom repair repair of a bathroom with plastic panels of a bathroom repair of a bathroom in a good company will offer more than one layout and decoration option. One of the most popular, simple and economical ways to refresh the walls and the ceiling of the bathroom is to finish their plastic panels. This material has a lot of undeniable advantages. In addition, it is easy to combine with the same ceramic tiles on the floor or walls.

Wall repair in the bathroom PVC panels

This option – cladding the walls of the bathroom with plastic panels – is not without reason considered the simplest and most convenient.

Firstly, to perform these works, you do not need to pre-level and plaster the walls, as in the case of ceramic tiles. The panels are recruited in such a way that the walls at the end of the work look perfectly even.

Secondly, the repair of the bathroom with plastic panels does not take as much time as when working with tiles. The panels are adjusted to the desired size (usually in height) and the groove is simply gained in the groove in relation to each other in the guides, which are not set for so long. In the case of Khrushchev, such work will take no more than one day.

Thirdly, repairing the walls of the bathroom with PVC panels is one of the cleanest types of finishing work, at the end of which you do not need to wash and scrape anything. Side debris – trimming of guides, corners or panels themselves, the finishes are neatly removed themselves, without delivering trouble to the customer.

Fourth, the color scheme and the texture of the panels can be absolutely any-a matte or glossy beloved shade, under a tree or stone, with a fantasy pattern or an unusual texture. In addition, you can choose wide panels, the joints of which are absolutely invisible or narrow, ribbed, the pattern of which hides all the seams.

Repair of the ceiling in the bathroom with plastic panels

Since the walls in the bathroom are finished with plastic panels, then this material will look quite organic on the ceiling. As a rule, white panels or any light shade close in gamut to the base color of the renovated bathroom are chosen for the ceiling.

The use of plastic panels for finishing the ceiling in the bathroom is also justified by the performance characteristics of this material. It does not require special care, but it is cleaned very simply – with ordinary soapy water as it gets dirty. PVC panels are not susceptible to moisture, and therefore retain their original appearance throughout the entire period of operation. Another indisputable plus is that shelves and other fixtures used in the bathroom are easily screwed to the surface of the panels.

As for lighting fixtures that can be mounted on a plastic-finished ceiling, miniature spotlights are also appropriate here, which are optimal for low rooms and ceiling lamps. In the bathroom, you can also provide additional sources of lighting near the mirror for a more comfortable shave, other hygienic and cosmetic procedures.

Repair in the bathroom with PVC panels can be done in such a way that it will be difficult to guess that the walls and ceiling are lined with plastic. The choice of textures and shades is so diverse that a cost-effective repair can look very expensive and spectacular. In addition, plastic panels are very well combined with tiles. For example, the floor can be tiled, and the walls and ceiling with plastic. It will also be beneficial to look at the option with walls and floors under tiles and a plastic ceiling.

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