Beautifully decorate the fence

The fence is an important attribute of the safety and privacy of the personal dwelling, as well as part of the landscape design. In order for the fence to perform its decorative function correctly, you will need to make some creative efforts to design it. If you attribute yourself to those people who care about the aesthetics of your site, this article is for you – in it we will talk about some ways to decorate an existing fence with your own hands.

Each fence is initially unique, since its function is not limited to protecting the territory from uninvited guests. He also holds children and pets from leaving the site. In addition, with the help of fences they block noise and wind, create a shadow, hide the yard from curious neighbors. However, due to the fact that the fence frames the garden, it can be used as an additional shape of the decor. And we will now share ideas for the implementation of this task.

one. Landscaping

There is a simple vertical landscaping that will decorate the fence with vegetable elements in a chaotic manner. There is also a more complex form of vertical landscaping, when you create some forms and even write inscriptions using plants. For example, using a vine, you can make jewelry in the form of triangles popular this season or make a decor in the form of Olympic rings. Moss extension on the fence can be made inscriptions and entire drawings.

2. Art

If you are a creative person, you can take paints and brushes and draw a picture on your fence. This does not have to be a work of art like the ninth shaft of Aivazovsky, simple geometric shapes will be enough. Moreover, pop art is now in fashion. By the way, if you have a wooden gate, you can paint each tablet in the form of a character. Arrange a creative day for the whole family – draw on the fence.

3. Banks

Traditionally, glass jars and pots hung in the villages on gates. This was done in order to dry the dishes. But it looks very beautiful, so people today hang banks on the fence, but just for decor. By the way, it is not necessary to hang banks in an inverted traditional form. You can fix the jar on the hook and use it as a vase or feeder.

four. Bird houses

You can fix on the fence a lot of purchased or made by your own hands of bird houses. Color them to the tone of the fence or, conversely, highlight them with all the colors of the rainbow, creating something like a picture of Damien Hurst.

5. Butterflies and flowers

In modern hypermarkets, a huge number of different decorative elements are sold that you can decorate your fence. Buy multi -colored decorative butterflies and flowers, ask friends to give you garden jewelry in the form of birds, mice, cats or other animals. Make your fence with their help.

6. Watering can

A very popular form of garden decor is a simple watering can. Of these, as a rule, they make pots for plants or vases for flowers. You can follow this tradition and hang waterings along the entire fence. You can even in a chaotic order.

7. Plates and other dishes

You probably have a lot of old utensils. So it came in handy. Attach plates to your fence – a new life for them, and you are a beautiful garden decor for you.

eight. Think out of the box

Old children’s chairs, a broken candlestick, a bicycle wheel, spoiled Savki and another unnecessary trash were lying around in the barn? Find how to hang it on your fence. Maybe something will have to be tinted, and something to finalize, but absolutely everything will come in handy. And at the same time you will prove to everyone that you kept all these things not in vain.

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