Building plots

Acquisition of a building site – this is just the first step towards the dream of owning your own home. In addition to legal and commercial aspects, in the choice and purchase of the area you like, there are quite a lot of, at first glance, minor nuances. However, a negligent attitude towards them can seriously overshadow the joy of starting the construction of their own home.

Choosing a land plot for housing construction

Before the view of the tills, you need to understand the site what area you need. Of course, the price plays far from the last role, but it is traditionally customary to build on the square of the future house. Proportion: 1:10.

When buying, it is necessary to pay attention to such factors as the relief, the distance to neighboring allotments, the availability of communications, infrastructure, whether municipal services are valid (whether garbage is exported, whether there is a post office, grocery store, gaming and sport of sites, etc. And in general, accessibility. It would be nice to talk with future neighbors: what kind of people live here, as with a criminal situation and generally with «atmosphere».

Often misleads the lower price of one or another allotted compared to neighboring. There are several not very pleasant explanations. Firstly, there may be hidden problems with connecting communications or maintenance, but most importantly – It did not carry out the corresponding procedure for surveying. In other words, the boundaries of such an allotment are not fixed, therefore can move in any direction at the request of any neighbor, challenged by them. The survey procedure is not cheap and not fast and good sellers make it at their own expense in a land management company that has a license to conduct this activity. And you, like the buyer, have papers with all communications in your hands, plus a topographic card with borders.

Factors affecting the value of land for residential construction

Water supply. If the site is connected to the communal, public water supply system – Good. An individual well, which, moreover, needs to be drilled, requires a clarifying. It is not uncommon to depth of the aquifer in cheap areas by 60-80 m., and even simply blocked by massive granite layers that do not break through any brown. And there is another option «cheapness» – This water simply can not be drunk: high iron content or simply dangerous with the sanitary condition of the water. Such information must be received in advance from the seller.

Priming. As a rule, trustworthy and solid sellers provide you with all the information not only about the site, but also of its own land, the state of the soil, its fruiting, etc. D. The study of the soil will answer the question about its mobility, temple and, in the end, will become decisive for choosing the foundation, or even the project of the whole house.

Soil waters. The probability of flooding during the floods or simply a high level of aquifer not only raises the question of draining the site, but also in general the advisability of its purchase. Getting rid of water and humidity in a house standing on such a area is sometimes possible, not to mention the impossibility of a cellar or basement floor.

Sewage. Well, if it is communal. If you have to equip your own, then you need to clearly be guided by the requirements of local SES. Especially if there is a river or lake near the site. Then the house should not be closer than 20-15 m at all. From their shore.

Electricity, gas. How close the substation is and how many kW will legally allocate the administration to you? For a cottage at 200 m. sq. norm – 20-30 kW, but often 9. Therefore, you have to think about your own, alternative, sources: diesel generators, solar panels, wind generators, etc. D.

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