Design of a three -room apartment

Three-room housing successful housing for a young family, as well as for 2 families living on one living space. True, three -wing trough.

It all depends on the type of house, the living space differs not only in terms of planning, but also in size, up to 10-30 square meters. But whatever the location and layout of the housing, with a true design approach, you can make it even more practical and comfortable.

When creating the design of a three-room living space, the very first one needs to take into account the architectural and planning solution, separation, ergonomics of rooms and others meanselic episodes. As a rule, the design is aimed at expanding space, this trend today makes it possible to fully transform the living space, 3-room, namely.

The goal is achieved using suitable redevelopment, not taking into account the number of residents. All permissible partitions are destroyed, the openings become wider or replaced by arches, but only where the walls are not considered supporting.

The resulting open place can be decorated in every style, in any color gam, moreover, color schemes can be combined by reaching the action of visual zoning. Choosing a specific image of the design, it is not that it is better to decorate all the premises, starting with the living room, completing the toilet, guaranteeing, in this way, a homogeneous atmosphere and harmony.

In accordance with the image, choose and install furniture, equipment, attributes. At the same time, not only wishes and their interests, but also other loved ones are required to take into account.

Use similar techniques in the design of a three-room living space, such as the community of a bathroom and a bath, their expansion due to the corridor, kitchen and the unification of the living room, the increase and warming of the loggia due to the room, and these are far from the only acceptable options. In the gallery demonstrated by our website, you will find several wonderful design options for three -room apartments that differ in size, style and design layouts.

Each species may appeal to you fascinating unobtrusive details that are realized during the design and repair of your living space.

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