Domestic manufacturers of interior doors

The choice of such an important element of the interior as interior doors should be treated very carefully. The door should not only have a beautiful and original appearance, but also be durable, reliable, because this decor element carries daily loads. A good and high -quality door, even over time, should not deform and easily open and close, while maintaining your attractive appearance.

Not necessarily such doors should be made abroad. Domestic doors are not inferior to them in quality, and at a price much cheaper. Russian factories use the latest technologies and materials in production. All technological equipment in such factories uses only the best world manufacturers, which allows you to greatly optimize the process of manufacturing doors without reducing their quality. The combination of excellent quality and attractive price distinguishes our enterprises from foreign analogues. In addition, the use of special materials helps to reduce the price of products. In this article we will give examples of several domestic factories that specialize in the production of interior doors.

One of these companies can be called the factory “Ocean”. It was founded in 2000 and in a fairly short time became the leader in the production of interior doors. The factory achieved such results thanks to a constant desire for the quality of products. This quickly brought the ocean interior doors to the first positions in the production of these products in Moscow and in Russia. One of the important points in production is not only quality, but also the product range offered to the consumer. At the moment, the factory produces about 8,000 products per month, dividing them into three main collections – these are the doors of the classic ocean, De Vesta, and the New Wave series. Among all the models of the door of the ocean factory, there are a lot of copies with glass inserts. And an important step in the development of the company was the use of fusing technology. The meaning of fusing technology lies in the fact that a mosaic of multi-colored pieces of glass is assembled on a separate sheet, after which all this is sent to the furnace, where the entire composition is sintered into a single layer. Thanks to this universal technology, it becomes possible to create unique and beautiful drawings from glass, giving the doors an expressive, original character.

Another well -known manufacturer of interior doors can be called a factory of ZAO Woodworking, which produces interior doors of Streamdor. The company began its activities in 1993 and today is one of the leading and developmental enterprises with a promising future. The company is constantly developing and increasing the volume of products, and all this, first of all, thanks to experienced personnel, the use of high -tech equipment and high -quality materials.

And we will finish overview of Russian enterprises manufacturing interior doors at the Volkhovets factory. The Volkhovets factory has been engaged in this activity for almost 15 years. Starting small, she achieved amazing results. Now the company has a serious and powerful production, which employs masters of their craft. The Volkhovets door factory has sufficient production facilities to produce a large number of products with excellent quality. Behind the entire process of manufacturing doors, the specialists of the enterprise are constantly monitored. That is why Volkhovets interior doors are very popular in Russia and in the CIS.

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