Energy -saving lamps – lighting the future

The problem of energy conservation in our country is considered extremely relevant. Leading states make maximum efforts regarding energy savings, evidence of this is the use of alternative energy sources. Energy -saving lamps – powerful, modern, and most importantly, economically profitable lighting.

Causes of popularity

What is the key to the success of this new product? The answer is obvious: the return indicators at the height, compact dimensions, the design pleases with its elegance and diversity. These devices boast of their high efficiency. They secrete a relatively small amount of heat, for this reason they are also called “cold lamps”. This feature allows you to screw them even into plastic lamps. To install this particular light source, you do not need any auxiliary devices when connecting: screw the light bulb with the traditional method. One of the most important advantages of the device is a record low energy consumption. Durability is important when choosing a particular product. What do you buy: a device that will last 1 thousand. hours (incandescent lamp), or the one that will work 8 thousand. hours (energy -saving device). Please note that the last 8 watts bulb will radiate exactly the same light flow as its predecessor of 40 watts. Energy -saving lighting devices are environmentally friendly, also safe for the human body. They radiate much less harmful rays compared to traditional light sources.

We can say that the only weak point of these bulbs is that they are not recommended to use at low temperatures. They can also quickly fail, provided that a very frequent turning on – shutdown. In rooms such as bathrooms and toilet rooms, you should not install them, since the working hours will be short. It is advisable to “screw” them in offices, metro stations, staircases and corridors of hotels and business centers.

How not to make a mistake in choosing?

How to choose the right most suitable model? This is not at all difficult! Pay attention to the price and manufacturer. There are many companies in the electronics market involved in the production of these products. That is why it will be more reliable to dwell on a trusted company.

Such lighting devices are conditionally divided by the color of the produced light, power, type, shape and dimensions of the basement. Depending on the model, the power of the device will fluctuate, so to begin with, decide on this parameter. As for the radiated light, it can be “warm white”, as a result of use we get a slightly yellowish light, as well as “cold white” and “white”. The shape of the base can be very diverse: the usual small spiral, in the form of a lotus, cylinder, ball, candles, globe, etc. D. Thanks to this assortment, to choose exactly what is suitable for the design of the room is very simple. Even the most demanding buyers will be satisfied.

The stunning popularity of energy -saving technologies stimulates the company to produce new types and modifications of such lighting products. Sales are growing every day, and it is explained very simply: these bulbs are economical, reliable and durable.

Energy -saving lamps are the right choice for all those who do not mind saving, given the intensive growth of electricity tariffs. In fact, the benefit is obvious: less energy is consumed, this device will last a fairly long period, and the high price will pay off very quickly.

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