Entry into the SRO Builders.

Mandatory licensing of construction and design activities, organized organizations that themselves are regulated, they are called SROs in reduction. In order to obtain permission to build or design, you must enter into self -regulating organizations of construction workers or design specialists.

So that there are no problems with cash, or other complications, you should join the organization in time, and not wait for a threat to the company due to the lack of permission of the supervision authorities. Such an introduction makes it possible for the company, to avoid any complaints and work within the law.

From this it follows to engage in labor activity professionally, you must become an actor of the organization of self -regulation. Although this is not so easy to do, especially when you consider that the activity in the SRO is urgent.

Employees, MEGA-Intel, have many years of experience in the legal environment of services and offer their assistance to design and construction organizations to join in the SRO, if necessary, do this urgently. Good and strong relations of the company will help save time and achieve positive results of the most difficult tasks.

For the entry into the SRO of Builders and Specialists of Design, a certain package of documents is required. Mega-Intel experts on legal issues take this work on themselves, helping to reserve the missing documents.

In order to urgently join the organization, it is necessary to thoroughly study the documents subordinate to the regulations of the organization of the organization. In addition, the nuances should be considered:

The tolerance for construction and design is an unlimited period.

Admission of tolerance is from three to five days.

Money equivalent for services depends on the volume of work and its complexity.

What knowledge and business securities are necessary for entering the SRO? To draw up a solution to the SRO, duplicates of the following business papers will be needed:

Reserved certificate of the enterprise by state bodies (assignment of OGRN);

Paper confirming UAH (changes, if any);

Paper confirming and proving about taking the enterprise for registration in the IMNS (assignment of an individual taxpayer number);

Information – written text, statistics;

Set of rules established by the enterprise;

Business papers proving the current leader and the basis of the organization. Certifying papers and an official order, on the appointment of a leader and assigning him to this position on the basis of these papers;

Contract, unstable use;

Organization data.

Documents that are still needed will be designed by the employees of Mega-Intel. The services of Mega-Intel, also include several types of training.

Why should this company go to this company? Because this one has extensive experience, clear schemes, saves your time and costs, provides all the necessary papers and certifies them in his office, offers advanced training courses, guarantees an approach to each client individually, solving the most difficult problems and tasks.

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