The abbreviation “FBS” is understood as wall foundation blocks, which are very part used by construction companies to organize multi -level basements and foundations of multi -storey buildings of a large area. Wall foundation blocks are often used in private houses, however, this phenomenon is not as massive as when creating commercial real estate. The production of foundation wall blocks of the FBS is engaged in a fairly large number of fertile plants, however, only a small part creates truly high-quality products. So, the company Mosstroykomplekt showed itself well, which is engaged in the production of high -strength reinforced concrete products and FBS blocks for a decade. Hundreds of legal entities throughout Russia became customers of the company, however, the vast majority of customers from Moscow. In the Moscow and Moscow Region market, Mosstroykomplekt Know as an old, time -tested and affair of the supplier of high -quality FBS.

What distinguishes the products of the company “Mosstroykomplekt” from products of other brands? Why do you need to buy FBS blocks in this company?

The company is ready to provide all the necessary licenses and certificates for its products confirming the high quality of products. In the production of FBS blocks, the company uses only high -quality concrete of M500 and M1000 stamps, depending on the wishes of the customer, as well as only fresh steel reinforcement from a metal rolling plant. In some cases, it is also possible to use fiberglass reinforcement if the consumer wants that. The supplier of fiberglass reinforcement is the Armoplast plant (Rostov region).

In addition, the company always offers delivery conditions. Understanding the complexity of the independent transportation of foundation blocks, which is not only elementarily heavy, but also very fragile, the company almost always offers to use its vehicles equipped with a necessary way. FBS trucks and trucks are prepared for the transportation of large -sized concrete products of the machine, which have a specially created suspension, leveling of shaking while driving on fragile FBS blocks.

And, of course, representatives of the Mosstroykomplekt company understand that the price has always been and remains decisive factors in choosing a particular manufacturer. Optimized technological process and high production pace allow the company to significantly reduce the cost of production of a unit of production, as a result of which the FBS blocks are very accessible not only for legal entities, but also for individuals.

What are the guarantees of the company? Of course, these are numerous positive reviews about its activities and products left throughout the Internet. In addition, you can consult your colleagues representing other construction companies and ask them to express their own opinion regarding the activities and products of the company Mosstroykomplekt. We are sure that the reputation of this company will be impeccable. The clients of the company “Mosstroykomplekt” were legal entities not only in Moscow, but also the regions, but the products of the company “Mosstroykomplekt”, in particular, FBS blocks, can be found far beyond the Moscow Region.

What do you need to do in order to start working with Mosstroykomplekt today today? Just go to the official website of the company and make your first order. If necessary, experts will answer all your questions, give valuable tips and recommendations, and also help you choose exactly those FBS blocks that are needed for you. The focus to the client and the orientation of the satisfaction of his requirements are the basic principles that are guided by representatives of the company Mosstroykomplekt.

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