Features of installation of stretch ceilings: installation technologies

The stretch ceiling is a canvas that is fixed under the supporting structure using an aluminum or plastic profile. The profile is stuffed at a distance of at least 2.5 cm from the main ceiling around the perimeter of the room. If desired, you can lower the height of the ceilings to the required distance, which makes it possible to hide the large defects of the finish, beam floors or elements of communication (pipes, cable).


To install a stretch ceiling on the harpoon technology, a special hook is welded to the edge of the product that performs the function of the latch. This hook is called harpoon and, as a rule, is made of rubberized material – more dense than the material of the tensioning coating, but retaining elastic properties.

Harpoon is welded at the final stage of the manufacture of a stretch ceiling on special equipment (TCHC machine) under the action of high temperature. During the installation process, the harpoon is fixed in the profile, providing a strong fastening of the tension coating.


Curplery technology is cheaper than a harpolate method of installation. But, even despite the savings, the more companies prefer harpoons to the factory. The fact is that the stretch ceiling, which was installed by the airless method, cannot be recalled again. This means that if it is necessary to access the main ceiling, it is impossible to return the tension coating to its place.

Installation of a stretch ceiling using non -carpation technology occurs by a wedge method, and the cutting of the product is already performed during the installation process. Accordingly, the accuracy of measurements in the airless method is not decisive, which greatly facilitates the installation of the product.

Features of installation of stretch ceilings

The installation of a stretch ceiling, provided that qualified specialists work 2-3 hours. The installation of the coating can be performed in any room, regardless of the state of repair or the presence of furniture. In addition, there is no need to pre -prepare the main ceiling, which is required when using other decorative sections as, for example: plaster, painting or pasting with wallpaper.

At the first stage, the profile is stuffing in the room. Then, with harpoon technology, the product is heated using a gas heat gun, which makes the PVC film elastic and allows you to fix the edges of the product in the profile. As a rule, the harpoon is introduced into the profile using a spatula, snaps and ensures the product of the product. It is worth noting that when using a heat gun based on gasoline in the room, a specific smell remains, which disappears only 2-3 days after installation.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the process, installing a stretch ceiling requires high qualifications and practical skills, so it is better to entrust the installation to professionals. Mossyling offers its services, whose experience in the field of installation of products is more than 12 years. The coordinated mounting team will install the coating of any complexity in a matter of hours, without forgetting about the quality and accuracy. Mossyling guarantees product quality, the safety of materials and components, a high level of installation work.

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