Geodesy, as a science and why it it owners of land and construction industry as a whole

Geodesy is a science that uses mathematics to measure the size and forms of the Earth, the positioning of points and regions on Earth and differences in its gravitational fields. This science uses the principles of physics, mathematics and astronomy together with observations and modern technologies to develop a spatial reference system. Geodesy also studies the movement of the earth’s crust, poles and tides. The work of surveyors includes the provision of points in accurate coordinates, accurate measurements of distances, angles and heights. But why are all these complex calculations to you, as a user of a land plot or a person from the construction industry?

Everything is very simple. Information that geodetic shooting can give you requires a house for a project, as it determines the type of soil, wind and other data that can tell you what, how and where to build, so that it turns out well. You can do without geodesy data for personal construction, but to avoid problems, and also to accurately determine the horizon for the foundation and determine other features of your future place of residence, you better use the help of a specialist. In addition, geodetic shooting is required for the construction and cadastral work that is necessary for the formation of papers to register the right to real estate and the implementation of state cadastral registration. The design of the Earth can be a difficult process, so it is better to always resort to the services of professional assistance. For example, cadastral work in Moscow can be ordered from the Terra Optima land company.

In general, the types of geodetic works in construction are different. Each type of work implies a different final goal, that is, a number of works are carried out with the aim of digging foundations, another type of work is required for high -rise buildings, the third for the development of three -dimensional models. There are many more different options – for the construction, wiring of networks, determining borders and other tasks. Geodesy is important for the construction industry, because it, as part of the preliminary design, gives certain guarantees in advance and helps to choose the right solution.

But we did not finish telling you about the importance of geodesy. Many directions depend on this science for normal functioning. Ships and aircraft use global positioning systems, maps and other navigation systems based on geodetic data to land in the right place and avoid dangerous journeys, as well as choose the fastest and most economical routes. Scientists from other areas, such as oceanologists or paleontologists, use geodetic data to study the features of the Earth and the influence of this is not different aspects. The military use geodesy to determine the exact points of location and navigation.

Some historians assure that the study of geodesy began with the first attempts of the Greeks to measure the Earth. Eratosthenes in the third century BC, using the angles of shadows at two points on Earth at a certain time of the year, was able to make almost accurate measurements of the diameter of the Earth, although he made a number of errors, and the result was only accidental to reality.

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