Good elevators: an elevator, as a tool that reflects the quality of real estate

The bodies are an indicator of the quality of real estate. You can ride on the elevator of any residential building and immediately understand how good the house is, its residents and HOAs or the management company. Evaluation of the elevator allows you to immediately describe the entire building.

Dirty elevators indicate that the house is not watching.

Painted elevators indicate that people with poor manners and vandals have access to the house, which also means that criminal personalities have access to the house.

Elevators that work poorly (buttons do not burn, strange sounds appear, doors are strange, etc. P.) also indicate that the company managing the company does not cope with its duties.

A lot can also be said about real estate.

Building houses, developers order elevators from different companies. The brand may indicate that the developer does not care what quality the house is building, because the elevator elevator is different. And even on the sites of new objects, brands and models of elevators always bring to the description of the house if they are good.

There are currently several popular brands of elevator equipment and elevator systems.

OTIS elevators are probably the most popular and famous. The reason is that OTIS is the founders of the elevator market. But, despite the fact that Otis today on leading lines, the brand has long been bought by United Technologies. The same corporation today is responsible for the Carrier brand – the leader in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning market. Different branches of the corporation are also responsible for many other complex systems for buildings and not only. Otis has a line of different elevators (from simple cheap OTIS 2000R type to expensive innovative types of OTIS GEN2 or OTIS NEVA), but the basis of Otis is that they are practical and have a good reputation.

Kone brand belongs to the Finns. In Russia, this brand is also popular like Otis, and since the time of the USSR. As well as Otisov, Kone has a good reputation due to the quality of assembly and safety. The horse has simple elevators (but with technologies that provide energy efficiency) and improved elevators for additional comfort. Elite elevators of Kone are the cabs of R3, R5, R7 for residential buildings and type “C” for office buildings.

There is also a Greek brand Kleemann. The company is about 50 years old and it is also in the top of the global elevator market. Kleemann elevators are installed in various buildings of popular companies and stores around the world, for example, in NEXT in the UK, Zara in Australia, at several airports in Europe, in a number of museums and theaters of Europe, in banks and even in the Athenian metro, etc. P. Kleemann elevates are made to order according to individual projects, but there are also complete kleemann elevator systems. Kleemann Atlas mrl is considered a universal series.

Another popular elevator manufacturer is Mogileliftmash. Some consider Mogilev a Russian brand, but these are Belarusian elevators, and Mogileliftmash is a state enterprise. These are basic, safe and reliable elevators. They are purchased for many middle -class houses, as well as for hospitals. Mogilev’s elevators can be additionally updated by making them elite and interesting from a design point of view, but most customers prefer basic standard options when it comes to graveevliftmash elevators.

Keep in mind that the elevator is not just brought from the production of a particular brand – it is collected in a particular company in the country where they are bought on the basis of basic configuration and brand technologies.

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