How to choose a construction company

The construction of a new house or redevelopment in a finished living room requires considerable theoretical skills, and a good material base from its owners. Is it just: buy the necessary tools, find time for work, correctly arrange the interior. To do work at the proper level seems possible only to professionals. In order for the work done to make a client’s life, it is necessary to choose the right company of professionals.

Based on the fact that the main reference center is currently the Internet, you should begin to form the necessary sample on construction portals. It often happens that, a long period existing on the market, the organizations have their own sites on the network. It is important that the Internet resource is located on the leased website and has an independent address. The site needs to find pages where the price list will be spelled out, the most prosperous projects are given, the cost of the operations reflected in the price list is described, the company’s contact information (phone and address) is indicated. It is desirable that information about the history of the origin of the Commonwealth of the Founders should immediately be stipulated on the site. If after watching Internet sites the approximate list of suitable organizations is determined, remove the phone from the database and call the candidates. If strange sounds are felt on the other side of the phone, as well as the incessant blocking of the conversation by sounds from the street, then it is recommended to move on to the next item on the list. The presence of a multi -channel phone suggests that the company can count on trust and will not disappear in the near future, announcing bankruptcy. You can agree on cooperation and conclude an agreement.

During the conclusion of the project and the work plan, the generalized level of literacy of the text, and, of course, the availability of all the necessary documents. Documents such as the working estimate, the scheme of actions, the assembled task, defective statement, form of the act of receiving and acceptance should be indisputable. In the contract, it is certainly necessary to prescribe the final amount of work, as well as the conditions for the termination of the contract. At the same time, it is necessary to demand a guarantee for services from a selected candidate. It is advisable to insure the deal from the lawyer and take a lawyer with all negotiations. The final attention should be paid to personnel, because even the coward image of workers can contribute to the choice of the brigade specified in the list. Each builder must have a uniform, the necessary set of tools. Coordinate the repair process should be a foreman with the designer. Consider the suppliers for the purchase of consumables in solid companies are entrusted to employees hired under the contract.

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Building materials for a country house

Many people who dream of suburban real estate prefer not to buy it, but to build with their own hands or with the help of professionals. There may be many hidden shortcomings in the finished house, for example, low -quality building materials that are not easy to notice to the non -professional. In this case, you can choose or create your own unique project for building a house, which you have long dreamed of. In addition, self -construction will cost you less money than its purchase.

Any construction begins with the purchase of the necessary materials, on the quality of which the reliability and strength of the structure depends. Let’s try to figure out what to be guided by when selecting materials for construction.

Each construction begins with the installation of the foundation. There are two main types of foundation. The so -called assembly foundation is most often used. It is completely ready for laying reinforced concrete slabs. You will not spend your precious time waiting until the concrete mixing froze in the pit. But, having chosen a prefabricated foundation for your country housing, you will be forced to limit yourself to a typical building, since the foundation slabs will not allow you to realize bold solutions.

The strip foundation is called experts more progressive. It will cost you a slightly large amount, and for its laying it will need to knead concrete. But you will not need to worry about all those limits that the assembly foundation imposes. Before starting construction, it is worth considering the choice of building materials for walls. Most often, the walls of suburban real estate are erected from brick. The brick country house is completely safe and very durable. The small size of these building materials allows you to implement interesting construction projects. However, in a brick house you need to constantly monitor the level of humidity in the cold season, it should not be too high. Concrete blocks provide the room with good thermal insulation. The large size of these building materials can be called an advantage, because builders will cope with installation faster. But concrete blocks are quite heavy, so sometimes they can lead to a building of the building.

The last word in the country’s suburban construction are frame walls. They maintain heat very well and are not susceptible to the destructive effect of moisture. But at the moment, the situation with the level of their reliability is not yet clear. However, they began to be used in construction only recently, so it is still impossible to provide guarantees of their absolute safety and durability.

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