How to choose furniture for the office?

The main rule, which is an axiom for all designers, when developing the design of the premises, is the division of space into separate zones, in each of which the company will have the same professional affiliation. In turn, these zones should be correctly distributed to large and small ones, which directly depends on the number of employees.

Only after that, designers are approaching the choice of office furniture, its design and color scheme, so that the latter would directly correspond to the corporate ethics and symbolism of the company. When selecting office furniture, another important detail is taken into account – the correct distinction between the workspace. Using furniture, you can fence off the working area from the presence of strangers in it, which will ensure the most complete and effective interaction of employees of one working department. Trust the production of furniture to the company’s professionals and you will receive an individual and uniquely furnished personal space.

According to psychologists, oval countertops of office furniture and low partitions cause a person a sense of security, while in no way interferes with his work. The same psychologists categorically prohibit the placement of the workplace in such a way that the employee would be with his back to the open space, which, in their opinion, causes discomfort and significantly reduces performance. This is due to the desire (subconscious) of the employee to turn around to make sure of his safety. The main trend in modern European furniture for the office is a completely round or at least rounded shape of all interior items.

Thanks to the rejection of standard rectilinear shapes and sharp angles in the room, the most favorable conditions for the everyday work of the employee are oval furniture, according to all the same psychologists, favors the analysis and increase of mutual understanding when making decisions, and chairs and seats of a non -standard form help to develop creative thinking and Flying of fantasy. Another of the main requirements for office furniture is that it should be as dynamic as possible, t. e. easily moving and reinsured.

So, for example, the chairs of office workers, nightstands, racks, stands for office equipment should be supplied with roller wheels, since there is a high probability of their ability to quickly and convenient placement (movement) within the room, depending on the situation and the tasks set by employees. The very concept of “office furniture” implies a huge number of various types and types of furniture – these are workers, specialized office and computer tables, all kinds of racks and stands for office equipment, chairs, sofas and chairs of various design and purpose (for example, for a visitor and an employee) , cabinets, bedside tables, racks, etc. D.

In addition, office furniture shares one very “important” criterion – the company’s manager and furniture for workers. As a rule, the first type includes very expensive and high -quality furniture, created from the most expensive and, accordingly high -quality materials, equipped using the latest technologies. The furniture of ordinary office workers is a reflection of the image, the business card of the company, which is why its choice requires a very serious approach. It has been repeatedly noted that comfortable, ergonomic and functional furniture helps to increase staff performance and protects it from overwork.

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