How to choose plastic windows correctly?

For many years, plastic windows have been produced, gaining more and more popularity. Manufacturers constantly expand the assortment, interested in new functional features. The beautiful appearance of such windows will be a rich decoration of any building both outside and inside. Designs are produced by white classic and all kinds of colors, shades, with imitation under wood and stone – that is, they will satisfy any whim of the customer. Possessing aesthetic qualities, the windows also perform the protective function of the penetration of the attackers into the premises. Protect from external noise, allow you to maintain a constantly optimum room temperature. Resistant to all atmospheric and temperature effects. The latest technologies for the production of plastic windows I provide high heat -saving properties. And besides everything else, they help to forget about the repair of windows and their painting for fifty years.

To implement all these remarkable qualities in the purchased plastic windows, you must choose them correctly, for this, visit the site on PVC windows.

The first thing to pay attention to is the profile from which they are made. Such windows made of high -strength plastic of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with the addition of various stabilizers and modifiers are made to improve strength. It is on the quality of plastic that the durability, the appearance of the installed windows will depend on. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to decide on the manufacturer. To date, to choose a buyer of the window of Russian, German and Turkish manufacturers.

Russia produces plastic windows for licenses of foreign firms. The profile is made from domestic raw materials.

It is better to stop your choice on the windows of the German profile. It is German profiles that have been tested by years of work, withstand large gusts of wind and temperature extremes. Do not lose their whiteness for many years.

If the windows are cheap enough, they can be made from recyclables, which will naturally affect the operational data of windows.

The second important element of plastic windows is a reinforcing profile – this is an element of galvanized steel, placed in the middle of the PVC profile for the tradition of strength and stiffness of window structures, confronts various loads, and high -quality isolation from external influences. It is because of this part in plastic windows, they got the second name-metal-plastic.

PVC profiles can be narrow – up to 60 mm wide and wide – width of more than 70 mm.

When using narrow three -chamber PVC profiles in plastic windows, problems may arise – moisture is condensed on window slopes that damages the finish and causes mold. Such a defect is possible with the improper location of the frame in the depths of the opening, insufficient insulation of slopes or violation of the principles of installation of mounting seams. Another problem of narrow profiles is the problem of freezing slopes.

Profiles from 70 mm wide are considered the best, although such frames are more expensive and more difficult to install.

The third element is the number of air chambers in the internal space of the profile, creating insulating properties – there should be from three to six. They help save the heat in the winter in winter, and in the summer – protect against overheating.

The fourth element – the choice of glass or double -glazed windows – an important detail of any window. You should choose very carefully.

To maintain heat in the house and protect against noise, it is necessary to install two -chamber double -glazed windows consisting of three glasses and two air chambers are formed between them. The thickness of the double -glazed window is preferable – from 32 mm, with a glass of glass: M1 polished. Glass of other brands give distortion and do not withstand the loads.

The disadvantages of plastic windows include the complexity of the repair if necessary and the dependence of the quality of the windows on the professionalism of the master – the installer.

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