How to combine furniture in the interior? The biggest secret lies in the dimensions of furniture

The biggest problem of combining furniture in the interior is the calculation of parts that can combine all objects together. Some common features for all furniture are calculated by: flowers, fabrics, shape, style, size.

The first thing you should know is to use either an apartment size or furniture like "too much". Never combine too much furniture for your home with too small furniture. Either select the standard furniture dimensions for your apartment, or focus on the interior using several large elements. So, there are huge corner sofas in Minsk, for example, sofas that are sold on the Markol store website. These sofas in a large apartment will look like a regular apartment size, and in a small apartment they will look like furniture like "too much". In the second case, you will need to use a special type of design (it is popular to use type furniture in furniture in furniture "too much", But it requires designer efforts).

The easiest way to combine furniture by color. But since different factories have different color palettes, when choosing furniture in different stores, you need to focus on combining gamma or accurate colors, and not a set of one tone (exception, if you take clearly white or clearly black furniture). If you purchase furniture in one store, then you can focus on the selection of furniture in the same colors (wood of the same type, fabric of the same type, etc. P.).

Furniture can be combined in its shape, for example, straight bed lines can be combined with straight lines of a cabinet or ornate patterns on the head of the bed can be combined with ornate bends on cabinets.

You can combine furniture using combined textures. Typically, this combination is addressed to combine curtains, upholstered furniture and bedding (or pillowcase on decorative pillows).

A selection of style is probably the easiest way to find a combination. But most cheap types of furniture are made in the style of contemporary, that is, without much stops for one style. That is why it is more difficult for people to find combinations in apartments with a budget interior (the second reason is related to the difference in colors).

And something else about the size.

The size of the furniture is not talked about, however, to mix different furniture, its dimensions are extremely important. The scale of the furniture allows you to bind objects in the room. Elegant chairs will be inappropriate next to a chubby couch.

Furniture sets (sets) help people choose combinations without much difficulties, but even furniture of the same color from different sets sometimes does not look if it is combined. Why? Because there are differences in the scale. The height and depth of the seat of two chairs in the room should be one, otherwise the furniture will look inappropriate. Chairs may not be combined by color, stylistics, texture and decoration, but look perfect next to each other if they are combined in dimensions (remember the series «Friends» and chairs at Monica in the apartment).

The height of the rear of the furniture is also of great importance for achieving the balance of furniture. Put a modern sofa with a low back next to a high back chair, and the room will lose its logic.

If it is difficult for you to imagine this concept in practice, try to imagine that two people are sitting in chairs of different types. One sits higher than the other and breaks on the back differently, as a result of which an imbalance of forces is automatically created in the room.

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