How to get a job that requires knowledge about building forests?

Different people work with building forests. Firstly, there are those who design and produce them, but these are special engineering professions. If you want to work in a company that often uses construction forests, like a worker, then you need to have a certain level of knowledge either about the installation and dismantling of building forests, or about the safe work with this type of auxiliary building structures. In any case, you will need a certain learning process and the study of certain instructions, although those who know how to get tired and disassemble building forests are valued, as these are special skills.

People who work in construction forests, as a rule, in good physical form. They should not have a fear of height. They strictly follow safety instructions and work well in the team. The handyman who works in construction forests and mastered these skills can then go through the process of training and dismantling building forests.

There are safety instructions for working at altitude and for working with forests, scaffolding, etc. P. There are separate rules for working in construction forests, safety precautions, grounding, installation, etc. P. Conventional safety precautions when working in forests consists of three points: installation and dismantling safety, safety in forests, safety for using equipment in forests. Several important points describe the requirements for forests and scaffolds. There are SNiPs and GOSTs that are taken into account by any construction companies that use construction forests, for example, SNiP 111-4-80 “Safety in construction” describes the requirements for forests and other devices of this type. In other words, official state documents are taken for the base, but each company can add several its own additional security requirements if it is required.

Installers of building forests are usually involved in the following work activity:

one. Unloading of construction forests and equipment on the site

2. Installation of supporting structures on Earth

3. Installation of construction forests, fastening of parts with each other

four. Fastening of building forests to the building or construction, ensuring stability

5. Laying the racks on which employees will walk

6. Fastening of handrails and fences for the safety of the movement of workers in forests

7. Removing building forests after the work is completed

Installers of building forests install not only forests in buildings that restore or build. They are also hired for the installation of temporary visual stands, stages, overpasses at public events. Installers of construction forests, in view of their experience and knowledge, can also be hired for some other works.

Skills that are valued in the profession:

The ability to follow the instructions

Practical skills in height

A good sense of balance

Good coordination

good level of physical training

organization skills

ability to work as part of a team

Understanding safety rules and the ability to follow these rules

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