How to install air conditioning yourself?

Quite often, people ask the question whether it is possible to independently install air conditioning at home. This question can be answered positively, especially if the presence of all the necessary tools for this. The main thing is that the installation is carried out quite responsibly, and all the basic rules of installation are followed. It is necessary to step by step to consider the process of installing the air conditioner.

Firstly, it is worth knowing that any air conditioner consists of two main blocks: internal and external. And in the beginning you should decide on the place in which you will install air conditioning. The internal block is installed in the apartment itself. The internal block must be mounted so that the distance from it to the nearest objects is approximately three meters. If you can’t withstand this distance, then a stream of cold air that the air conditioner gives will be reflected from objects and influence the temperature sensor that is built into the air conditioner and as a result it will show the desired temperature ahead of time and will turn off the equipment (or, on the contrary, the air conditioner will work continuously). It is also worth noting that if there is enough free space around the air conditioner, objects will not interfere with the free spread of air indoors.

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It is worth knowing that from the air conditioner it is necessary to remove excess condensate in a timely manner. In order for this to be possible, the angle of inclination should be approximately five degrees. If we talk about the external block, then it is best to install it on the balcony. This place is convenient for installing also because there will be free access to the air conditioner, which will simplify its operation and serve it will be convenient. If there is no balcony, then the air conditioner should be installed on the outer wall, resorting to the help of special brackets and bolts. You need to know that for fastening you will have to drill a hole in the wall. If you carefully secure the external unit, then you can easily avoid vibrations when working. From icicles, ice and rain, it is necessary to protect the device with a special visor.

I need to mount the air conditioner starting from the drilling of the walls. Holes should be approximately 50-60 mm in diameter. These holes are necessary in order to lay copper pipes. These pipes will serve as a link between the inner and external block. In the inside of the room you can hide the pipes if you make small grooves in the wall. If you categorically do not want to spoil the wall, then these pipes can be placed in plastic boxes, attaching them to the wall. This laying process is one of the most responsible. If creases or poor -quality collapse occur, then the power of the air conditioner will decrease significantly, the pipes can freeze, and thereby there will be a risk of air conditioning breakdown.

In order to reliably and qualitatively install the air conditioner, you will need the following tools: pipeline, rolling, pipelines, chabrovka. It is also worth evaluating how hermetically the pipes are connected, if the tightness is insufficient, then this can also lead to damage to the device. Copper pipes, power supply cable, drainage tubes must be packaged in a special pipe made of foam, after which the pipe is wrapped with vinyl tape and stretched through the hole in the wall outside. Only after all these procedures can the air conditioner blocks be connected to each other.

Another important stage – vacuuming – is needed so that all particles of air and moisture are removed from the device. The drainage hose, as a rule, is laid together with all other communications or displayed. There is also a way to withdraw a drainage hose to the sewer or in a special container, which is also installed outside the room. In order for the air conditioning to finally begin operation, it is necessary to carry out independently power supply. Best if a separate machine is allocated on the shield.

After you connect the air conditioner to the electric network, it is necessary to test the entire system. For this, all air conditioners have a special test program. Starting testing, you need to check some parameters. Firstly, it is necessary to check the device for a freon leak, for maintaining constant pressure in the system, checking for condensate removal from the internal unit. And, of course, all the main modes and blocks should work correctly for the air conditioner. If you do everything right, then the air conditioner will be stable, without interruptions and vibrations. Sometimes there is a need to refuel the refrigerator of the freon. After the entire stage of installation, you can use the air conditioning in the mode that is most convenient for you.

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If you are not sure that you can deal with the installation yourself, then it is better to invite specialists.

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