How to open a cement factory factory in conditions of a concerned ecology of society?

The cement business can be a profitable enterprise, because cement is used everywhere, and at the moment he does not exist. Cities are built thanks to cement and, despite the fact that manufacturers of concrete and cement are developing new environmentally friendly methods for the release of their materials, alternatives cement have not really been invented. Nevertheless, in order to open a cement plant today, you need to think over much more things than before.

Cement is the most popular building material, however, the most complaints about the influence of the climate, and these claims are even more in the future in the future. What is it expressed? In the requirements and in additional boards. Already, Vladimir Putin says that the standards for emissions and payment for emissions will be introduced, and cement plants are responsible for most of the emissions on the planet, so it is worth considering this factor in advance. On the other hand, the needs of people will affect cement factories – the more environmentally friendly the factory, the better the consumer relates to it. It is clear that people cannot abandon cement, but people can force producers of cement to green production to reduce the number of emissions. Buying cement from companies that are eco-responsible, the consumer feels better and calmer.

Before opening the plant, you need to determine the type of cement that you want to produce on the basis of raw materials, which is available to you. Some materials are purchased in such a way as to have a reserve for several years to come. And again, raw materials should have the necessary physical and chemical characteristics to be in demand in the market in the market. Now too many companies are producing cement, therefore, in order to enter the market and take a profitable place there, the new company will need to try.

You will have to get ecological licenses and find the preferred place of the location of the plant (preferably in the immediate access to high -voltage electric networks). Decide on the type of fuel that you will use – coal, natural gas, or something else. Coal is the cheaper, but the largest exhausts are from it, and taking into account what we said above, it is better to immediately think about some other types of fuel to new factories.

You will need a lot of equipment for the production of cement. First, you will need to develop careers and extract limestone, and then transport raw materials on your own to your factory, where it will be processed (chopped). A raw material mixture is made from crushed limestone, mixing it with other components. Then this mixture is sent to the furnace. All this costs very expensive and requires a lot of resources, work and energy, but the result is a clinker (everything is true, so much effort goes to the production of clinker, not cement). Then you need to get cement from the clinker. This is already easier, but also costly. The clinker is crushed, dried, mixed with other ingredients. Depending on what is done with the clinker and with what materials it is mixed, one or another type of cement is obtained.

The product that turns out is first stored in the bunker, but then it is sent to special equipment, where cement is setting. Special packing machines are also a complex system that requires a lot of attention and spends a lot of energy. The cement sets 50 kg in a bag, and then on trucks is sent to storage centers.

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