How to paint the ceiling?

One of the important stages of apartment repair is painting ceilings. This is a good alternative to those who want to cope on their own and do not want to hire workers in order to facing the ceiling with plastic, suspended structures or other materials complicated in installation. Painting the ceiling with paint in a state with minimal preparation. The main thing is to know the theory of technology and strictly follow it.

There are several stages that prepare the surface to apply finishing material for the ceiling to it.

The first stage is to cleanse the surface of the remains of the previous ceiling coating. It is carried out using a spatula, sandpaper. After that, it is better to endure all construction garbage to create comfortable conditions for continuing work. This stage requires thoroughness and will be the key to a good result.

It should be followed by an equally crucial stage – putting the ceiling. With the help of putty, you can achieve a perfectly flat surface, which will especially emphasize after applying paint for the ceiling to the surface. The first, and main, layer is applied with a starting putty using spatulas of various sizes. The entire surface of the ceiling should be covered without leaving any areas unprotected. After drying the main layer, they begin to cover the surface with putty finish. It is particularly finely grained and makes the surface mirrored even, of course, after performing the next stage – grout.

Grout is carried out after the putty has finally dried on the ceiling. As you can see, the preparatory work is stretched over time, and it cannot be done in one day. Of course, if you are interested in high quality. Grout is carried out using sandpaper, scrupulously examining each site. If you notice a defect in putty, then this site can be trapped the second time with the finish putty. It should be wiped after completely drying out.

When you achieve the perfect result, you can proceed to the next stage – priming. This is a very important stage, because the degree of sticking for the ceiling to the surface of the ceiling depends on it. After grouting, the ceiling is covered with a layer of fine dust, which will interfere with the clutch with the base. But even if there were not a single dust there, the priming still had to produce. Just because it is written in the instructions for the paint for the ceiling. And seriously, the primer, penetrating into the deeper layers of the coating, contributes to better binding of the base with paint for the ceiling. It is better to produce priming with a brush, although sometimes a compressor is used for this purpose. It is obvious that you can achieve a better effect with a brush, and your respiratory organs will not once again be tested inhaling harmful substances. This is also an important point. It is better to purchase the primer with the same company as the paint for the ceiling. Typically, companies producing paint and varnishes select components in the primer and paint, perfectly suitable for each other. Although, this statement is not a postulate, retreats are possible. The principle of action of all soils is approximately the same, so when the ceiling is primed with a primer of another brand, the surface of the ceiling surface with the ceiling paint will still occur quite firmly.

The next, final stage – actually covering the ceiling for the ceiling. This is carried out by the following tools: a brush, roller or a spray gunner. Combinations are possible, since the roller and the spray gun cover the main surface, but in the angles they are ineffective. The brush, on the contrary, copes with hard -to -reach places, but on the open surface, working with it is a time -consuming process that requires large energy costs.

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