How to present a market for the market or repair team?

Consumers most often want to hire brigades and companies that have a reliable reputation. Marketing for new construction organizations or small private firms among large competitors may be problematic. The search for their strengths and allocation of them using different promotions and advertising, including free, is the key to your development. In addition, you need to start building your reputation and acquires regular customers who can provide you with good characteristics.

Assistance and experience

Even if the company itself is new, “crush” for the experience of its employees. For example, you can indicate that your experts have been doing their job for many years and annually improve their qualifications. You have collected professionals of all fields and do not hesitate to indicate details on your website. For example, collect the entire list of workers with their experience and qualifications and photographs, including photographs of work. Give the site visitors to choose the master yourself, based on this data. Honest relay of the experience of your construction company will give the client the opportunity to feel comfortable and safe when he makes his choice in favor of your specialists.

Cooperate with other companies. You can order a notebook with a logo and give it as a gift to those with whom you work. And you can also agree with the sellers of building materials on the barter to simply distribute to customers the souvenir products of each other, that is, you give your customers mugs or notebooks with the logo of the sellers with whom you work, and they give their customers the same with your logos. You can order printed souvenir products in different printed workshops, for example, the company in the printing house of Printing Master in Moscow.

Specialty and orders

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your company. You must find key points that highlight you among others. Focus on services and completed projects. You can also use the section on our website, where customers leave their orders to carry out certain works. Project Rod users who want to order the installation of plumbing or building a house, as well as any other service within the industry, can leave their request in the “Orders” section, and private masters and companies can respond to these orders. If your proposal to perform work among other options will be the most profitable for the client, then he will hire you and you will receive an order. Comfortable? Of course.

Social media

The more people communicate about you on the Internet, the more responses to their services you will receive. Social media allow you to collect a variety of customers in one convenient place, as well as find potential customers. Offer people advertising coupons and discounts for joining your group on a social network or as gratitude for reposts. Publish photos of work and so on.

Sarafan radio

Advertising is, of course, a trading engine, but you need to spend a lot of money on it. Of course, large companies can afford leaflets, shields, and banner advertising on the Internet. All this, of course, benefits customers, but there is still a free option and it is called “sundress radio”. Encourage your customers to talk about you and recommend services. Offer gift certificates, discounts on subsequent work, if customers, coupons, bonus cards and so on come from you. The more the business grows, the more effective the tactics of long -standing plans will become.

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