How to repaint a bulldozer?

Do you know that some foreign builders like to paint their equipment? Sometimes they do this in order to give their construction positive notes, sometimes for advertising purposes, and sometimes they simply update fragmentary paints. In Russia, the sale of bulldozers is carried out everywhere, the manufacturers are different, and the cars look almost the same. So, maybe it is worth buying a bulldozer, and then paint it? Or if your old bulldozer looks dull, update it with paint? So do foreign colleagues, why not take it into service? In general, it is worth noting that builders adore their construction equipment abroad. They chole and cherish her, take care of her and are proud of their large cars. Well, why not Russian construction companies to instill such care for their employees. It would seem that this is excess fun, but in fact, such a reverent approach to construction equipment has a positive result for the safety and durability of valuable large construction machines.

If you decide to decorate/replace the bulldozer, do it yourself. You will save a significant amount of cash costs for wages. By the way, you can stimulate your employees for painting equipment, as an option to improve work in the team, the possibility of joint creativity, and so on. You can even declare a competition for the best option for painting for a specific construction machine.

Before you start your project, remember that the metal frame of the bulldozer is covered with oil, which prevents the formation of rust on the surface. Before painting a bulldozer, you must remove this oil. Pass over the surface with sandpaper, and also remove all fat and dirt using trinatrihosphate. Surface preparation is key to ensuring good adhesion of paint. Treat the surface using anti -corrosion primer for metal and then anti -corrosion paint for metal.


1) Remove rust and peeling areas of paint. Loosen rust with a special brush. Remove the peeling paint using a special scraper.

2) go throughout the bulldozer with special sandpaper. Wipe the rude edges until they become smooth. Do not try on bare metal.

3) Wash the bulldozer using a cleaner with trinatrihosphate (sodium orthophosphate) to remove all fats and oily residues – mix trinatrihosphate with water in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. Rinse the bulldozer with clean water. Let it dry.

4) Wipe the metal surface of the bulldozer with a clean rag of an soaked white spirt or a paint solvent to remove all the remnants.

5) cover the windshield and all the places that you do not want to color. Fasten the paper with sticky tape. Apply tape to headlights, handles, etc. D.

6) apply a layer of anti -corrosion primer for metal using a special spray. Let the primer dry for a certain amount of time recommended by the manufacturer, and then apply the second layer of primer.

7) Clean the sprayer from the paint using a white spire or solvent.

8) apply a layer of anti -corrosion paint for metal on a bulldozer using a spray. Apply a thin layer of paint to a bulldozer using smooth, wide movements. Keep the spray nozzles approximately in a feet from the surface of the metal during spraying. Let the paint dry for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer, and then apply the second layer.

9) Clean the sprayer from the paint using a white spire or solvent.

And one more thing, you can use several thin layers of paint until you reach the desired color level on the coating.

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