If you are trying to perform plumbing work yourself ..

You just can’t become a plumber in two minutes. If you decide to make repairs in the bathroom with your own hands, you should spend at least some time studying the topic. It is recommended to study instructions for certain types of work on the Internet, but it is best for work with water supply and sewage to call plumbing. As they write on the Vyzov_Santehnik page, plumbing works are the most important and laborious. The comfort of the bathroom and a decrease in emergency risks depend on how efficiently they are executed.

Firstly, you can’t just take and start working with plumbing. First you need to study the instructions and the regulation of such works. For example, you cannot, without preliminary measures, begin to spin the pipes in the house and without water overlap solve various problems with the pipeline; You cannot install all the toilets in the same way; You cannot just move plumbing and t. P.

Do not use means to clean the congestion in the sinks constantly. They consist of aggressive chemicals that harm both pipes and the environment. Before resorting to such tools, try a regular plunger. If this does not solve the problem, use additional plumbing tools to clean the clogs. And keep in mind that if the sewage system often clogs you, then you are probably doing something wrong (wash off in the toilet and sink not intended for such recycling).

Any plumbing practices need to start with small. It is not the first thing to install the toilet. If you have never changed the mixer or shower waterings yourself, did not clean the plums, did not twist the taps and did not change the nose on the taps, then for serious work you need to call plumbing.

Before you start any work with plumbing, make sure that you have the necessary equipment at hand and all plumbing tools. Also do not forget that before a number of work you need to turn off the water.

If you analyze something for the first time, and then you will need to collect it again, then photograph the phased process of disassembly.

Do not neglect a home plumber. Each residential building in the city, as a rule, has its own plumber (from the HOA or HOA of the HOA of the company), ask him to help or advise you. Even if you think that you can do it yourself, you need to be sure that you will not violate any norms and rules at home.

Know when to admit your defeat – if something went wrong, immediately call professionals. No matter how proud you are, it can save you from spending a large amount of money for subsequent recovery (and not only in your apartment, but also for those to whom you also harm).

Sewage troubles, leaks, a combination of water and electrical work and some other situations require professionals, not lovers.

Do not work with the water supply on Sunday or on a holiday. If your affairs go badly, you will have to call qualified plumbing from the expensive service, because local masters are not always available outside the everyday life.

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