Is one-room apartment in St. Petersburg a good investment

With the constantly reducing size of apartments, a rapidly growing population of cities, a constant crisis of housing lack and problems of affordable housing associated with real estate markets in Russia, we cannot deny that we need more good cheap apartments. However, not any type of cheap apartment is a good investment, especially in St. Petersburg.

Since more and more young people prefer to live in cities, the boundaries of cities are officially and unofficially expanding. Construction companies are trying to curb suburban lands, which used to be built up with low -rise houses, and it seems that their response to all real estate problems are residential quarters in suburban areas with higher density of apartments, namely the overflow of these houses with one -room cheap apartments. Not everyone is suitable for these cheap apartments.

As an investor, you have a clear advantage if you trace real estate trends. Different things should occur to you, depending on what purpose and for what reasons do you consider the opportunity to buy an apartment in a particular residential complex of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

The choice of an apartment in the suburbs can be a complex and dangerous adventure, but tracking trends in the field of everyday life and lifestyle will simplify your choice and reduce the risk of making an incorrect decision.

In the past, Petersburgers traditionally evaded apartments with one room in favor of large apartments if such an opportunity was. Now even if there is money, many buy one -room apartments only because their content is cheaper. Loners and couples without children give a predominant preference to such apartments.

If you consider the purchase of an apartment as an investment that will bring profit (you expect to rent an apartment) a suburban housing revolution is not for you, but new urban buildings in prestigious areas with one -room apartments of different price categories will be suitable for you. Prices for apartments in such houses may depend on which way the windows look. These houses create some exciting opportunities for tenants, especially considering that small apartments with one bedroom in good areas near the parks are most profitable to rent.

We know that the central areas of the city are in demand among tourists and visitors, but this does not mean that it is profitable to rent an apartment in these areas on an ongoing basis. Moreover, a small number of people want to live in apartments in the city center, even if it is their own apartment, so only a special circle of people buys them for living. Many of the most popular for rent and purchase of one -room apartments are located within a radius of 10 kilometers from the line of the city.

However, it is not only about the postal index. Your apartment should be a few minutes walk from amenities if you are a young buyer or tenant without a car. To the amenities that you need to look for next to the house where you want to buy an apartment: shops, restaurants and cafes, public transport stops. If you have children, institutions such as kindergartens, schools, clinics and pharmacies are required for you. Moreover, you must be sure that these institutions are suitable for you. Many parents of St. Petersburg change their place of residence and sell apartments, moving to other areas, only in order to get into a good school.

Alarming people (and in general, of course, this advice is suitable for absolutely everyone), you need to look for the best street next to the neighborhood. It is preferable to find a quiet area and always avoid buying an apartment in the house opposite lively roads.

Mega-Bashni in 20 floors began to dominate the horizons in separate areas and created peculiar concrete jungle. There are a lot of apartments in these houses, and it is extremely difficult to follow the neighborhood in them.

There are fewer houses in the old fund, and although they are battered, often more profitable for two reasons: 1) some old houses in 10 years will be in the best condition than some poorly built new houses; 2) one -room apartments in new skyscrapers are available at a low price only due to the suffering location, while in the old house you can buy cheaply only because the house is old. The old fund is, as a rule, a good option, if it is possible to reconstruct the apartment and bring it into line with the trends of the 21st century. Buying something that requires repairs requires investments, but also makes it possible to increase the value of real estate, and thereby increase the rent or resale price.

It is clear that an apartment with a pleasant view from the window will always seem more attractive than an apartment with a window overlooking a trash or a brick wall.

View of the bay in St. Petersburg is a fantastic option, but not if in the future this species is closed by a monolithic block of another house.

Many people think that an apartment with one bedroom will be square and unattractive, but if the architect made the correct layout, then this apartment will be more pleasant than the palace.

You can see one -room apartments in St. Petersburg here

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