Jewelry house Shiphra: representative of high jewelry art

Jewelry is one of the most win-win options for giving to your family, the object of your love, or, for example, a coach. And some people sincerely adore jewelry and make themselves happy with it. What interesting things does jewelry brand Shiphra have to offer?

General information

This jewelry house is a representative of haute joaillerie, high jewelry. That is, you can expect premium quality and high artistry from the products. As for the cost, you won’t be able to ask the price just by glancing at the official website – prices are not shown. They are provided only upon request. Each product is accompanied by a corresponding button, and in the application you will need to indicate your first name, last name, email and telephone number. The manager should be in touch soon.

The headquarters is located in Geneva. There is a contact number on the website. Sunday and Saturday are days off; weekday hours are from 10 to 6.

Brand feature

Shiphra’s conceptual feature: only lab-grown artificial diamonds are used. The brand positions itself as the first in its segment to create jewelry exclusively from such stones. Therefore, you are unlikely to be satisfied if it is important for you to realize that you are holding in your hands a treasure from the bowels of the earth that has seen centuries. If environmental friendliness and ethics are more important to you, then Shiphra is what you need. The company fully shares these values and is proud that its work does not require conventionally mined diamonds with its inherent negative environmental consequences. You can find out more about them on the website.

About products

The types of jewelry are common – rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. However, they are implemented in quite a variety of ways and even non-standardly. For example, a wrist in the form of a half-glove, reaching half of the palm; chokers and bras; double rings for adjacent fingers. In a word, the models are trendy and interesting, not twins. There are currently seven collections. Conveniently, both filters (type and collection) can be applied simultaneously.

  1. Icon is a chic and elegant style.
  2. Nature – shapes inspired by nature. Smooth lines and images of flora, birds, butterflies, reptiles…
  3. Frame is an abstract geometry dedicated to the mood of the big city. References to architecture.
  4. Classic – an image of femininity, for example, bows, lace. There are many colored stones, a wide range – from very thin, laconic jewelry to massive and bright ones, from classic smooth lines to bold angular shapes.
  5. Love&Bridal – romantic theme.
  6. Axioma is a search for perfect harmony, complex but balanced solutions. Color accents are also actively used.
  7. 10 – mysterious and intriguing solutions.
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