Lifting mechanisms are an important part of your furniture.

To comply with modern furniture, the expectations of customers are already not enough only stylish design and high quality of the materials used. Now buyers want maximum convenience in using the piece of furniture: optimally organized internal space, lifting mechanisms for convenient opening of the door and other devices for drawing boxes or baskets. The combination of these elements in kitchen furniture and in cabinets is especially relevant – all devices are unofficially called “internal filling” and it is the main cost of the piece of furniture that is made up of it.

In addition to the fact that these devices facilitate the process of searching for the desired thing, they also work smoothly, silently, without causing any inconvenience. The past times are leaving when the doors of the furniture shut with a roar shut over the mistress’s head or when opening it was necessary to make efforts and fear that the contents of the shelves did not collapse on the floor. Modern lifting mechanisms (or “elevators”) allow you to easily and without a rattle open facades in different directions: down, up and even at an angle. This is achieved through the carefully designed gas lifts with closers that provide soft closing: they simply stop the sharp lowering of the door approximately 5 centimeters from the body and guarantee a smooth completion of the movement, without knocking.

“Elevators” make the design original, modern and give the owners the complete freedom of comfortable use of furniture. Doors with such a mechanism can be fixed in a certain position, folded at an angle of 90 degrees. Depending on the model proposed by the manufacturer, these lifts are able to stop the door at any opening level, and when closed, they provide a high density of its fit. As a rule, there are four opening options: a parallel rise, standard, inclined and a double facade lifting with the folding of two halves.

Of course, the equipment of furniture with modern mechanisms increases its cost, sometimes not even one ten percent. But given the rhythm in which a person lives in the present period, to waste time (which, as you know – money) on extra efforts I do not want to. The functional filling of cabinets and other pieces of furniture simplifies the life of a busy person and allows you not to think about how to place jars of cereals or flour so that when they open the door they do not shower the owner from head to toe with sugar or semolina.

The main number of consumers prefers to buy “elevators” of foreign production (about 85%), since these products have already established itself in both the foreign and domestic markets. Nevertheless, Russian models are also gradually gaining popularity, but so far they do not reach a prestigious mark of Western options. Currently, lifting mechanisms are supplied not only in standard performance, but can be made to order for the company for the production of furniture items.

“Elevators” came to Russia relatively recently, before they could only be admired in Western films and programs or see a guest abroad. Now our compatriots appreciated convenience: almost every new kitchen or cabinet in apartments and houses are equipped with these lifting mechanisms. Devices, despite the apparent complexity, are durable in use and do not require any special care.

It’s nice to be in the kitchen, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail, or use the dressing room, where every nuance is taken into account. High-quality modern furniture fittings allowed us to look in a new way to the question of organizing the internal space and the functioning of the piece of furniture. Those who have already been able to evaluate the comfortable operation of furniture equipped with the latest devices from their own experience can hardly return to old options.

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