Luxury real estate in Dubai: unlimited investment opportunities

Among the regions with attractive luxury real estate properties, the United Arab Emirates stands out. A variety of apartments and villas are constantly being built and put into operation here. Their technical equipment, designs and design are among the best in the world, and this is where the tone for premium real estate design is set. You are invited to view luxury real estate in Dubai on

Main offers

The Ownow agency website offers a large selection of real estate properties in Dubai. Here you can find an option for the following indicators by entering the required values in the form on the page of the company’s portal dedicated to this emirate:

  1. Location of an apartment, townhouse, penthouse, villa and other type of real estate.
  2. Legal status of property.
  3. Specific type of property.

When choosing an option, you can go to the page of the property being sold and view the following information:

  1. Property value.
  2. Photographs of the facade and interiors of the premises, courtyard and surrounding areas.
  3. Read a detailed description of the object indicating all the features.
  4. Determine technical characteristics by the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and showers, and other premises.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the premises, their configuration and area.

The site has all the necessary information about the property so that you can compare several offers and choose the most optimal option. If additional information is required, the company’s employees will provide it in full, including documents for the object, and tell you about the location, conditions of the location area, availability of infrastructure, and terms of purchase.


The agency offers luxury real estate in Dubai. This means a high price and greater investment attractiveness. Such housing is located in convenient areas, there are convenient entrances and approaches, and they are provided with places to park cars. The areas are safe, with beautiful views from the windows of the premises. There is a developed trade, transport, and entertainment infrastructure.

The company takes care of all stages of paperwork and transaction, the client receives a certificate of ownership without wasting time. There are no encumbrances on the property or restrictions on its use. The facilities are modern with an increased level of comfort. Citizens of various countries can become the owner and obtain a residence permit in Dubai.

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