Review of popular brands of manual lawn mowers

Hand lawn mowers, they are also trimmers, electric ships, motorcycles – this is an agricultural motorized tool for mowing grass. Speaking in simple language, then a hand lawn mower is a modernized version of a good old ordinary braid.

When you start choosing a lawn mower, you will pay attention to a huge number of brands in the market in this category of products. How not to get lost in the choice of the manufacturer? You can explore each brand individually, read reviews online, or seek help from sellers in stores. Readers’ reviews help a lot. In this article, we will talk about what brands users have highlighted as part of the study of people’s opinions about manual lawnmands.

When people were asked to evaluate manual lawnmands on the manufacturer’s brand, then in the category of preferences and amenities the first place was taken by the Stihl brand. 82% of respondents gave positive characteristics to Stihl trimmers. In this ranking, the Echo lawners fell in this ranking – they were left good characteristics of 61% of respondents. Shindaiwa brand received favorable reviews from 48% of respondents, Redmax from 42%, Husqvarna from 25%. The study suggested the abandonment of hand-mowers of different companies, if a person was familiar with the products of this brand and could say something about him. Therefore, other brands, namely Kawasaki, Honda, Tanaka, Mayama, and Dolmar, could not get high scores simply because of little information about these brands.

Further, in the study of people they asked which brand they would call the best and here STIHL again came to first place due to 42% of respondents. And the second place was the Redmax trademark, for which 19%voted, Echo chose 18%. Thus, despite the fact that many brands were awarded with positive reviews, when it came to the choice of the best brand of lawn mower, people adjusted the opinion. Why did this happen? Despite the fact that the models of lawn mowers may be liked or not liked by the consumer, he ultimately chooses products by the totality of parameters. A person gives an important role in price. In addition, people identify that they change their opinion from season to season, depending on new products and updates of manufacturers.

If you want to buy a mower, you can contact the site aport, which is an aggregator of prices and a catalog of goods. In addition to manual lawn mowers, the resource offers a lot of other useful tools collected from different stores.

A manual lawn mower is convenient. It has a flexible line instead of a blade for cutting weed grass and therefore it can be used to decorate the territory around trees, stones, sidewalks and so on. When choosing a manual lawn mower for your own use, follow the opinions of others, but still rely on your own. In order to understand what kind of equipment in your hands, go to a regular store before ordering the product online. Take a closer look at the products, touch, feel convenience.

Gasoline lawn mowers can mow grass and weeds of higher sizes, but they are harder and louder. Electric trimmers are less in dimensions and portable, but they do not have the same power as gasoline. The model you choose should depend on your yard and the works that you are going to carry out.

What kind of lawn mowers from the above world brands you choose, you can be sure that you trust your lawn to professionals. The companies mentioned in this article are well -deserved manufacturers, so their products meet quality standards.

The Portal Project Rods asks: what brands of manual lawn mowers do you like? Which trademark in your opinion is the best?

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