Rules for the removal of any garbage in London

Doing business or living in the English capital poses the problem of waste disposal for people. Tough environmental laws have been adopted in the country, and violations of them are fraught with serious penalties.

Therefore, it is worth observing them, for which use the services of a quality service and order construction waste removal.

Service features

The work is carried out throughout London, garbage collection can be ordered by any person and organization. This applies to construction and household waste, removal of the results of garden care, flower beds and lawns. The firm offers bulky waste collection in Southwark or direct-to-home waste collection in other areas.

The process affects all areas of Greater London, in particular, you can order a car or several types of vehicles garden waste collection Bromley.

The procedure is carried out in a one-time, regular or continuous mode, depending on the needs of the customer, his preferences and types of waste. It should be borne in mind that the city has a separate collection of waste to increase the degree of its processing, so the removal is carried out in a similar way.

Among the leaders in separate collection there are waste from paper, metal and glass. It is also necessary to sort the plastic. The UK is exporting such waste for processing to other countries. The collection company wins if its customer can separate the waste directly at the collection point.

The service department has all the necessary licenses to carry out work on the collection of household and construction waste, can take out old furniture, unnecessary home appliances, pick up garbage from the office, catering establishments. We also provide services for the collection of plant residues, soil and other materials that remain after gardening.


Due to the availability of specialized transport and experienced staff, all the worries about the export fall on the shoulders of the company. It is enough for the customer to sign an agreement, indicate the type of waste, the terms of removal, and all the rest of the work will be carried out in exact agreement with the contract.

When carrying out all actions, English law, regulations of the city authorities on the collection, loading and transportation of garbage, and parking of cars during the process are strictly observed.

The cost of work is determined on an individual basis, depending on the regularity of actions, the type of waste and its volume, and the area of the city. The price of the service is economically beneficial, because it is very difficult to solve this problem on your own.

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