Russian banya or Finnish sauna in the backyard. About the benefits and materials.

Why are saunas and baths, which are installed as a separate facility, so popular in Russia and Finland?? Because we live in the right climate for this. In fact, such designs are a very practical solution for healing. The alternation of the extreme heat of the bath and extreme cold helps to strengthen health, which is why tradition goes from generation to generation, even where there is access to central water supply and you can put an ordinary infrared cabin inside the house. Everyone who has ever used a traditional bath will tell you that this can not be compared with anything, even with excellently equipped paired in fitness centers and other sports complexes. Saunas and baths provide health, stretching toxins from the body. They are also an attractive component of the suburban site.

If you are eager to get a simple and beautiful wooden design of a bath or sauna in the backyard, you can order a log cabin inexpensively from private masters. It is especially good to make these structures with builders of the Pskov region. Depending on the size and configuration, the log cabin can cost you from 100,000 rubles to 500,000 rubles.

Wood is a classic of the Russian bath, however, if you want to add a modern touch to the Russian tradition, equip your bath with natural stone. For example, use it in a banquet or as separate elements.

The benefits of a backyard bath are clear. This increases the value of the site itself and is the key to family health. Saunas are known to provide relief from pain, stress, detoxify the body, purify the skin and even burn calories.

Bath tree

You are probably wondering what kind of wood is best to make a bath. You decide. We will only talk about the properties of each type of wood to help you with the choice.

Pine is the most common. It is easy to build from it and as a building material, it is little deformed. Another advantage, both for you and for the construction company, is the price of pine. This material is cheaper than all others, so logs from pine are pleasing to buyers with prices. But, it is worth considering the disadvantages of pine as a bath material. Firstly, it is not very resistant to decay in a humid environment. Secondly, pine, one way or another, will release pine resin, especially when the log house is heated (this applies to all conifers). The resin is not too dangerous, but can get dirty and cause burns if you touch it. The resin can also have an unpleasant odor. In view of all this, pine log cabins are acceptable only if there is an interior lining of the premises.

Spruce is another budget option for building a bath. This type of wood is better and more visually pleasing than pine. But spruce, like pine, is a coniferous tree that emits resin (and even more than pine). So, spruce log cabins also require interior cladding.

Larch is also a softwood, but is more durable than spruce or pine. The larch bath will spin for a long time and will respond less to humidity. It is also worth noting that the material is quite resistant to fungus and is able to have some healing effects. But the price of larch is higher (as much as 2 times) and the resin here is even more active than that of spruce or pine. In other words, you can’t do without interior decoration.

Cedar bath can be attributed to the luxury class. This luxury, unfortunately, not everyone can afford, but if you can afford it, you will get a stunningly strong and beautiful structure that is resistant to decay, high temperatures and humidity. Cedar also contains oils that give bath procedures a special atmosphere. The cedar bath is a traditional Siberian option, but for our part of the country, the delivery of the material will be expensive.

Linden sauna is a luxury in the category of hardwood log cabins. The material is not only beautiful, but also fragrant, so many people who understand in baths choose it for construction. In addition, it is believed that the linden bath is useful in the treatment of various infectious diseases, liver diseases and helps to strengthen the immune system. By the way, women may like this bath because it treats cellulite. For builders, linden is also a blessing, because when building a log house, neither a large foundation nor a serious load is needed. Logs are light, do not shrink. In other words, you can bathe in such a bath immediately after its installation. But with all this, the wood is loose, so rotting and fungus can quickly damage it. This means that lime saunas have a short lifespan. And in a log house made of linden, you need to change logs over and over again, and it can be difficult to find suitable logs.

Oak baths are not very common, although the wood has strength and special characteristics for long-term construction. Oak log cabin from humidity will become almost stone, heavy, therefore, such structures need a strong foundation. In addition, oak is an expensive material. So, if you want to ennoble the sauna with oak, then select only individual elements for building from it.

And finally, aspen. Many experts call it the best option for building a bath. The properties of this wood are similar to linden, but it is cheaper. The characteristics, on the other hand, are largely similar, although aspen tolerates moisture better, which means it has a longer lifespan. Like a linden bath, an aspen one does not need interior decoration.

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