Snow cleaning

The Russian climate dictates special winter conditions under which every owner of a country house sooner or later faces the problem of snow on the roof of his home. Of course, if the house is well designed or special systems of anti -unusation are mounted in the roof, such a question may not arise, but if all this is not, the residents have a more radical solution – manual cleaning of the roof from snow. Here you can go in two ways – do everything yourself or entrust this work of the company specializing in this direction. The second solution does not require much effort – you just need to find those who do everything for you, but if you do everything themselves, then you should remember a few things.

The first, and most importantly – do not forget about security. Special telescopic scrapers are designed to clean snow from the roof. With the help of an elongated handle, you can clean the roof while on the ground. However, in order to do this, you need to first push the path around the house on which you will walk removing the snow. Experts believe that this is an important element of not only the convenience of moving, but also to ensure their own safety. Firstly, when you clean the snow from the roof, you look mainly upstairs, thus the extra thirty minutes of cleaning the territory on the ground will save you efforts – you will not need to move around the snowdrifts and you will celebrate the opportunity to fail into one of them. In order to secure yourself a path around the house, you can use a shovel, or you can simply push your path – making small steps, trampling the snow around the perimeter. The task is to provide yourself with a flat surface for moving. If the idea of ​​using snowshoes comes to you, then keep in mind that they can take your mobility, so to move easily – it’s better to just remove/make the snow on the ground.

When you cleaned the snow around the house, proceed to clean the snow on the roof. As mentioned above, you will have to buy a special scraper on a telescopic handle for cleaning snow from the roof. If one handle is not enough in height, you can buy two identical sets and pulling the handle from one, attach it to another. But remember, doing this, you increase the load on the tool, so you will have to increase and caution during cleaning – move the device more accurately, avoid the bend of the rake and reduce the voltage to the structure. Also, with a similar increase in the length of the handle of the shovel for cleaning snow from the roof, check the fasteners. If plastic nuts are built in the original version, replace them with metal.

When you prepared the territory around the house and the scraper itself, proceed to direct cleaning of the roof and from the snow. Do not forget that you do not need to remove all the snow – only its excess part, which weights the roof or interferes with the passage into the house (for example, rolling onto the porch). If you carry out the process of cleaning the roof of snow every day or quite often, then the effect will be greater and less harm than if you decide to do it only a couple of times a season.

Another tip that craftsmen can give is to purchase a pair of suitable gloves. Ordinary, even very good gloves, will wear out very quickly with this type of work, so stock up on a dense construction kit.

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