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We are surrounded on all sides by simple things. For example, a mobile phone is a screen, a keyboard and a battery, a kettle is a body and a heating element. A much simpler design is a spaceship: cockpit and engines. Along with simple things, there are also complex ones. These include those that people are engaged in a professional level.

It is this complex concept that is the installation of a steel door. There are over 5,000 elements that are used in the installation of a steel door. Once installed, these items become simple. For example, handle, door, door frame.

Stage of preparation for installation

Inaccuracies when installing a steel door should be no more than one millimeter. The question arises as to how to implement such a high accuracy, especially since a millimeter error is allowed only on the finished product. In the event that a thing consists of several elements, then the error on each of them should be several times smaller. For example, we can say about scissors for cutting metal. The error should not be more than a millimeter. If the error is larger, the cutting will no longer be as accurate. Based on the specified data, we can conclude that the tools by which the door manufacture is very important, or rather, the quality of these tools is important, as it largely affects the quality of the manufactured door. Self-respecting companies select for themselves such a tool, in which the errors are ten times lower than the maximum permissible errors.

welding stage

Welding is an integral element in the manufacture of a metal door. As a rule, welding of the door leaf is done manually, by a welder. Each welder adjusts his tool at his own discretion. Many companies choose more productive welders without thinking about the quality of their work. But self-respecting companies use special devices that do not allow them to work less efficiently, but more quickly. For example, such devices are produced by the Italian company Chemsa. The operating modes of these devices change at the program level and are changed only by the foreman or the team leader. All that remains for the worker is to observe the distance between the welding points.

Painting stage

Surprisingly, the most difficult for painting and cleaning are those areas that we do not see. If you make a mistake when cleaning surfaces, then such painting will last a very short period of time. Experienced companies use special complexes for cleaning, which provide a high level of surface preparation for painting. Such a complex is called shot blasting. Even judging by the name, you can understand what principle of operation this device has. The surface being machined is “shelled” with small pieces of chipped steel. These pieces clean the steel from old paint, rust, oxidation. In addition, after the metal is shot blasted, small irregularities remain on the metal, which allows the paint to adhere much better. According to experts, a door painted after a shot blast will last several times longer than a similar painting without a shot blast.

It is also worth noting that a very important point in painting is that the paint must be applied very evenly so that there are no irregularities. When applying a polymer by hand practically, even completely impossible to evenly apply paint to the door surface. Some companies use a special complex for painting, which produces perfectly uniform painting. It is advisable to use the services of just such companies. Uniform application of painting affects not only its durable location on the door. The durability of the steel door itself also depends on the uniform application of paint on the door, as the paint stops the appearance of corrosion. Thus, it is worth paying special attention to the painting of the door.

The stage of quality control

Before the finished door goes to the warehouse, professional workers of the plant test it on a specially designed stand for this. This is perhaps the only separation at any factory that receives allowances for being, and not for avoiding marriage. The standards here are very hard. The slightest deviation that the experts found contributes to the fact that the door remains at the factory. Absolutely all parameters are checked, starting with the correspondence of sizes and ending with the proportions of chemicals in the composition of the door material.

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