The cost of installing the roof of a private house

Many, especially polymer-bitumen and profiled roofing materials allow self-assembly. Working with panel or rolled metal, hound or roofing ceramics requires extraordinary skill, so it needs a professional approach. How much does it cost to professionally install the roof of a country house, performed by invited experts?

Which roofing installation is the most expensive??

In particular, layers of natural and artificial tiles highly appreciate their work. Due to the lack of specialized educational institutions, construction companies send specialists to improve their qualifications abroad. As a rule, the quality of work corresponds to the European level, but the cost of laying tiles is slightly less than or equal to the cost of roofing material.

Approximately in the same price range is the installation of rolled copper and metal tiles. These roofing materials, unique in their performance properties, need a professional approach. There are increased requirements for the quality of the base. The cost of roofing work can be affected by the complex design of the roof.

The list of expensive roofing and installation works is completed by laying wooden tiles and shale tiles. Few specialists in this field. Therefore, it is not surprising that they value their work to the maximum. The cost is reflected in such factors as: the steepness of the slopes, the height of the house, the complex structure of the roof.

Sheet metal roofing

Seam roof installation

Sheet steel is a traditional for our mentality, strong and durable roofing material. The invention of the seam connection, the use of special equipment makes it possible to guarantee the tightness of the metal coating on gentle slopes. There is a high productivity of roofing, so the cost of a metal roof is moderate.

A little lower in the price category is the installation of metal tiles on the roof. Roofing is supplied in rolls, which are rolled along the entire length of the roof slope. Roofers only need to fix the material and install the mounting parts provided for by the technology.

The tiles are flexible, it is also bitumen-polymer. This material deservedly tops the ratings of affordable roofing materials with simple installation, maintainability and a long life of up to 30 years. Prices in different regions differ slightly, the farther from large cities, the cheaper the cost of roofing.

Can you save on installation costs??

Laying ceramic tiles

Undoubtedly. The first way that we have already mentioned is the independent development of most or all of the roofing work. This is possible provided that a material that is easy to install is used: shingles, euroroofing material or profiled metal.

The second way is to perform roofing work in winter. In the off-season, construction companies feel a shortage of orders, so they are forced to significantly reduce tariffs for roofing work.

The most perfect and expensive roofing material does not mean the most durable. Roof ceramics, which has proven itself in the southern regions, does not refine the appointed resource in the area with difficult weather conditions. This fully applies to ramps, which also need periodic, sufficiently costly maintenance.

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