The ergonomicity of office furniture is excess or necessity?

At the jobs of office furniture employees, you should think about whether it is possible to increase their activity with its help with its help. Ergonomics is one of the important factors that can bring the company’s performance to an unprecedented height, but many leaders still underestimate its significance. Let’s try to figure out whether it is really necessary for office furniture such a property as ergonomic, or it is a skillful marketing move to increase the cost of products.

New generation office furniture

Most foreign companies have long appreciated the importance of ergonomic furniture and its correct location in the room to increase the efficiency of staff. Therefore, the designers made ergonomics cornerstone when developing any product and office interior. Office tables, chairs, cabinets, racks made without taking into account the requirements of ergonomics are the cause of quick fatigue, posture disorders and, as a result, body functions, and sometimes are simply traumatic hazardous. Therefore, ergonomic office furniture is also necessary for the prevention of occupational diseases of office workers, which means that it contributes to the long -term maintenance of qualified specialists.

At the same time, many people consider the concepts of “ergonomics” and “convenience” by synonyms, but this is not so. Moreover, scientists have proven that too comfortable conditions at the workplace act on the employees relaxing, as a result of which labor productivity is reduced.

Ergonomic office furniture – main criteria

Truly ergonomic furniture for employees can be called the one that allows you to create optimal working conditions at the workplace. In more detail, according to the requirements of ergonomics, office furniture should be:

non -traumatic

Environmentally friendly


corresponding to the physical data of employees and variable for them

creating psychological comfort.

To implement these criteria, corps furniture is made without sharp corners and with a predominance of smooth lines. Such a design not only significantly reduces traumatic hazard, but also has a certain psychological effect – creates a sense of security and cohesion in employees. To enhance this effect, it is advisable to have office tables at a short distance from each other, but not in the way, leaving a personal space. Zoning it, allocating to each employee a small “personal” office, mobile cabinets, shelves, light office partitions of the screen will help.

The office furniture should also be not only expensive and presentable, but also optimal for work.

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