Weapons cabinets and other specialized cabinets

There are things that no one will ever think of storing somewhere or in inappropriate conditions, if only for this there is at least some opportunity.

These are, first of all, weapons, as well as keys and other items that provide access (for example, individual checkpoints and so on.), as well as jewelry and especially important documents.

The safety of all these dangerous and valuable things is determined by the reliability of their storage and how reliability it is possible to ensure. All factors of negative impact, starting from sunlight, moisture and electromagnetic charge in the air, and ending with fire and attack for seizure, should be completely excluded using protection factors.

Therefore, only metal furniture with code locks is used for their storage. For each variety of the mentioned things, several types of furniture are offered. These are weapons cabinets, the so -called “key holders”, or cabinets for storing keys, as well as bank cells. The latter are used not only by banking institutions, since they are very convenient for separate storage of any special items, documents or values, for example, in the office of a large company.

Weapons for weapons are usually distinguished by several special departments, each of which stores various types of weapons and ammunition. Even the cabinets for pistols and for long -barrel weapons differ. In the first there are special shelves on which it is convenient to place pistols or revolvers in a prepared form, in a separate safe department under the code electronic locks, cartridges to weapons are stored. If a long -barreled weapon is subject to storage, whether it is smooth -bore or rifled, it provides for special compartments similar to those that are for clothing cabinets, where such weapons can either be hanged or put in a rack for weapons, which can be built separately.

It should also be noted that in most cases weapons cabinets are designed for mixed storage of any type of weapon and you can choose varieties in which it is placed in the most optimal way on various shelves. Much depends on the working conditions with the weapon and how quickly it should be removed, whether it should be stored fully prepared and equipped for use or in a partially disassembled state, etc. D. There are special locking small metal -type metal cabinets, which are pyramids for weapons in which it is preserved in the most functional and ready to use form.

Keywater, as a rule, are small built -in furniture, which can be located under the counter reception, near the bar and in other inconspicuous places where it can be most successful. As a rule, in most cases, such lockers are constantly open, but have a mechanism for instant reliable slamming for the convenience of the employee, for example, the hotel.

Bank cells are the most protected cabinets, divided into a large number of small departments, each of which is protected by its own key and can even be completely withdrawn from the cabinet without opening and transmitted to the client.

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