What is a change house for?

Castings, that is, non -capital mobile structures, are becoming more widespread thanks to several factors. They can be used both for living and working and storing something, as well as as showers, dining rooms and so on. They can be transported from place to place, their width is usually about 3 meters, length – 12 meters, which allows you to transport them using road transport.

Wooden cabins VS Metal cabins

Cabins can be metallic, which is based on – welded frame made of metal rolling, and wooden bars. Metal are distinguished by strength and reliability, with proper care and transportation – Also durable. Wooden are cheaper, and the term of its service will help to extend the operating rules and as few moves will help to extend its service life. Let us consider in more detail these designs.

Metal cabins and their features

Metal cabins, or block containers, consist of a channel and a corner, which allows you to build up to 3 floors of the structure. In addition, there may be a combustion of several block containers in one modular building.

The metal frame is covered with a wooden crate, insulation, waterproofing film by galvanized corrugated board. Galled or neocyrected metal sheets are used as a roof. In some cases, a metal bottom is required for additional protection.

Such households are used by construction companies, as these structures help solve the issues of posting workers and storing tools.

Wooden cabins and their features

The frame of a wooden change house is made of a beam, which is sheathed out from the outside, and inside – DVP. Mineral wool is used as a heater, and the roof is made of metal galvanized or painted sheets.

As already mentioned, wooden cabins are less than metal, but are not inferior to them in functionality. The approximate cost of a change house in Moscow, on the example of a construction company Globus (SKGLOBUS. ) is about 30,000 rubles. You can order options cheaper in a smaller size or more expensive in larger.

As a rule, wooden structures are chosen by private individuals who use them as temporary housing during the construction of a country house. Do not unconditionally believe that wooden households are short -lived. Correct installation, care and infrequent transportation will save the structure for several decades.

The interior decoration of the households can be made of the lining, fiberboard, MDF and other materials that are selected depending on the purpose of the structure. So, the households for workers inside are sheathed, the office panels are used in the office, and in cabins equipped for tablespoons, kitchens or bathrooms use PVC Loggy.

The equipment of the household also depends on the tasks. In construction, an electrician is carried out with convectors and bunks, in the Proclabian they have an electrician, furniture and additional protection – Metal lattices and doors. In everyday life used as an office, MDF or PVC panels are mounted, and the floor is covered with linoleum.

Also, cabins are used as bathrooms, showers, dining rooms, etc. D.

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