What is the computer game Survivor: main characteristics

The computer game Survivor.io can be downloaded on the Internet completely free of charge. It is an arcade game. The genre is based on an action-roguelike, which significantly complicates the game, since after losing one of the levels the character loses a significant part of his progress and starts all over again.

Using this link, https://mod1x.com/survivorio.html, anyone can download the game and enjoy it in their free time from work or study. The main task of the gamer is to fight for survival. He must survive for a certain number of levels, after completing which he receives a reward or other bonuses.

The fight is carried out with a large number of monsters, the level of skills and aggressiveness of which is gradually increasing. Throughout the game, bosses appear periodically to make the game more challenging.

This exciting mod is a joint project between the popular Singaporean company Habby and the gaming studio Gorilla Games. It should be remembered that this game functions only with Internet support. The disadvantages include a large number of advertisements that constantly interrupt an exciting game.

What are the features of the computer game Survivor.io

In the vastness of this arcade you can find a lot of features and successfully apply them in the game:

  • a non-decreasing storehouse of ammunition. Knowing this will help you relax and stop being afraid of being trapped. Crowds of zombies appearing on the horizon can be shot throughout the game;
  • You have a wide range of skills and experience to choose from. Upon successful completion of a segment of the game, as a reward, you receive, at your choice, a new ability or the opportunity to improve one of the old ones;
  • the number of levels is systematically approaching infinity. As you progress, they become more difficult;
  • Boss fights are a mandatory part of the game, allowing you to hone your existing skills and test your character. In this unequal struggle it is necessary to act quickly and rationally;
  • original effects that create a unique atmosphere of a bloody battle, accompanied by appropriate music and sounds of explosions.

Despite its shortcomings, this game attracts attention with its concept and entertainment. The new version has undergone many changes that will pleasantly surprise avid gamers. The game continues to be written and soon players will be able to try their hand at new levels, defeating not only monsters, but also their bosses.

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