Why are windows from plastic sweat?

Unfortunately, manufacturers of plastic windows were unable to solve the problem of fogging of double -glazed windows. However, this is not their fault: the formation of condensate is explained by dozens of different reasons, which are often in no way related to the design of the profile or the double -glazed window itself. And yet, why do the windows sweat?

Reason first: Excessive humidity

But first, it should be explained what is condensation. This is a liquid formed on the surfaces as a result of temperature changes or with excess air humidity. In other words, in a room with a stable air temperature and with a normal humidity level, condensate can not fall out by definition – neither on glass, nor on furniture, nor any other items.

And if your plastic windows constantly fog up, this indicates that the temperature changes either too sharply, or the air is excessively moist. As a rule, the reason for the formation of condensate is the second reason. How to deal with this? First of all, the owners need:

one. carry out regular ventilation, at least 3 times a day;

2. leave the window at night ajar (if the window is more or less warm);

3. After the wet worships, open all the doors and windows wide open so that the moisture will quickly disappear.

These simple measures should save you from wet drops on the windows.

Reason the second: violation of the convection mechanism

Another common cause of moisture on glass is a violation of convection mechanisms. This term means a mechanism for moving air flows in the room. With natural convection, warm air flows should move below, and cold – at the top. PVC windows, as you know, are installed above the batteries precisely in order not to violate convection mechanisms and not to prevent warm air flows to move freely.

If condensate is constantly formed on the profile and double -glazed window, this indicates that the natural movement of flows is violated. Perhaps in front of the batteries you have some kind of furniture, for example, a regular coffee table. He creates obstacles to warm air, which is why he is forced to change his direction and enter the windows.

In this case, in order to get rid of condensate:

one. free the space in front of the batteries as much as possible;

2. Try to change the window sills to less wide – perhaps they cover the movement of warm air flows;

3. Reduce the level of heat on heat with batteries – it may very well be that they heat up the air too much and when cooling it is condensed

Reason Third: Incorrect Installation

Unfortunately, very often the reason for the formation of fluid on the profile and double -glazed window is much easier and more prosaic. The fault is the wrong actions of the installers, which led to a violation of air exchange technologies in the window and, as a result, to moisture loss.

Often, when installing double -glazed windows, workers do not carefully mount the seal or leave small clearances between the profile and the frame. These defects are enough for moisture to fall on the windows in large quantities. And it is useless to fight it – it is necessary to eliminate installation defects.

To exclude mounting errors, you must contact the company in which you ordered double -glazed windows and ask its specialists to conduct an examination of the installation. This service is provided for free, as part of the warranty service. If the defects are detected, they must be eliminated as soon as possible.

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