Why mobile heating on the construction site

Even despite the onset of spring, the street is still quite cool. And these are not the best conditions for working on an active open construction site. And in winter and autumn, the air temperature can fall catastrophically low to stay on the street in a long time. Therefore, on construction sites there are temporary buildings for living. The rapidly vegetable buildings, however, are not heated and have no connection with the electric network, so they require equipment for ventilation and heating of mobile shelters.

Even extreme temperatures can affect workers engaged in the construction process. Cold causes production injuries and reduces overall performance. And sometimes, nothing can help, even warm clothes and warm tea in glasses. A small, quickly vested building, combined with a heater for tents, can help in solving this issue. Buy equipment for ventilation and heating of mobile shelters, including a heater for tents, a fan and an isolated sleeve for this equipment, you can in the company United technologies. Holding United Technologies can also offer other equipment and tools, including for those who lay cable networks.

Additional comfort, such as the basic heating room, will enhance the efficiency of labor and the efficiency of the construction staff in cold weather and inclement days. But more importantly, your team will be safe. Portable electric heaters are an important element of any construction site that takes place at low temperatures.

Let’s list the main reasons why mobile heating at the construction site is an important component.

one. Increase in the performance of the team. Working in the cold may have detrimental consequences for the performance of workers on the site. Extreme low temperatures affect the muscles, and they get less oxygen, which makes it difficult to get rid of carbon and lactic acid. The cold muscles become less sensitive and, as a result, a person loses a certain mobility in movements and coordination. If your team depends on their strength and mobility for work, then for 100% of performance you need to keep the muscles in the warmth.

2. Increase in the mental activity of the team. Work in cold weather can lead to a deterioration in mental activity. In difficult work situations where it is necessary to use heavy equipment or intelligence is required to conduct certain actions, a person must maintain a sober mind.

3. Reducing production injuries. Due to the effect of the effects of cold on the muscles, parts of the body lose flexibility. Muscles are more susceptible to tears and other injuries. The body is also less inclined to absorb strokes due to the fact that the muscles are not warmed up.

four. Improving the quality of the working atmosphere. Not only physical, but also moral forces are important at the construction site. Give the employees additional comfort to perform complex tasks, you can increase their morale and the general quality of the working atmosphere.

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